Summer Holiday Snacking With MadeGood


Have you seen that meme floating around Facebook about the kids’ summer holiday feeding schedule where they just want feeding every ten minutes? Yeah – my kids are definitely on that schedule now. All I hear is ‘Mommmmmm I’m hungry’ ‘Mommmmmmm can I have something to eat’ ‘Mommmmmmm is it lunchtime yet’. They literally are doing nothing but eat, or think about eating!

Trying to find something that is healthy and fills them up for more than 10 seconds is a bit of a challenge. There is always fruit available, and I always encourage something like a piece of toast or oatcakes (my new gestational diabetes-friendly snack!), but sometimes, they just want something that tastes super yummy and is easy to take with them back out into their favourite habitat – the park. That’s where the brand new granola bars from MadeGood come in.

Made Good granola bar

These were only launched last month, and are the first-ever allergen-free granola bars, making them safe for school lunchboxes. There’s no gluten, milk, peanuts, nuts, soy, eggs or sesame in them, so you can send them to school knowing they’re not putting any children at risk. That’s especially important with more than 2 million food allergy sufferers in the UK, and 1 in 12 of them being young children.

Made Good granola bar

They’re currently available in three flavours – mixed berry, chocolate chip and chocolate banana. All three flavours were a hit in our house (hence why there are only pictures of the banana ones – the others disappeared in a blink of an eye!). Even our little fussy pants Alex loved them! I could only have a little taste thanks to my gestational diabetes diagnosis, but I could see why they loved them. Strangely, the mixed berry one was the favourite with both the kids and Graham – I assumed the chocolately ones would be the most liked.

Made Good granola bar

Looking at the ingredients, I noticed that they have plenty of good stuff in them – the chocolate chip ones, for example, have spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and beet extracts as well as gluten-free oats, and they only have 100 calories per bar. They’re also organic and vegan.

They really have been a huge hit in this house and we’ve already ordered some with our next shop from Asda. A box of 6 x 24g bars cost £2.79, which compared to some of the higher-end cereal and granola bars I think is pretty reasonable, especially when they taste so good!

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*We were sent a selection of these bars to try out and have been paid for writing about our experience. This has not influenced our opinion in any way – the empty boxes in the picture show just how much we loved them!

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