Meal Planning Monday {Gestational Diabetes Friendly} 5/8/19

Oh hi August! I’m probably going to have a baby this month! I actually thought I was going to be having one last week – we had a little scare on Friday which meant Graham rushing home from work and me spending a day in hospital for monitoring, but all is well with us both and she’s staying in there a bit longer. I’m 35 weeks pregnant today – Harrison was born at 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant which makes me realise just how close we are to metting our little Lizzy bear now!

I didn’t do a meal plan last week and I think that may have been the first one this year I’ve missed. No excuse other than my parents were up and I just didn’t feel like getting the laptop out! This weekend we’ve been super busy – I think nesting has kicked in for both Graham and me. He’s been decorating while I’ve been sorting out uniforms, the playroom and generally pottering about tidying up. It’s been nice having a little burst of energy but I can already feel myself getting tired again now, so I suspect that’s my energy gone for the week!

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Plan

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Smoked haddock, rainbow fries and salad

Prawns in tomato sauce with brown rice

Chicken and roast vegetable traybake

Cottage pie with sweet potato mash

Chilli con carne with brown rice


Roast dinner

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5 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday {Gestational Diabetes Friendly} 5/8/19”

  1. Sounds like there are exciting times coming for you – can’t wait to see the new baby! Thanks for linking up and have a great week x

  2. Oooo this is a great meal plan hopefully she keeps in there just a little bit longer and you have no more scares

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