Meal Planning Monday 9/11/21

Look at me – two weeks in a trot! That’s a first for 2021 I think!

You might notice something a little different about my meal planning Monday posts going forward – they are going to be meat free!

I’m going to write a post about it (eventually!) but basically, last week, I made the decision to switch to a pescetarian diet. It is something I have been considering for a while, but always had an excuse as to why it was too hard, but last week, it just sort of happened and I’m going with it now. I have decided to continue eating fish though because it is something I really enjoy and don’t eat all that often anyway.

The rest of the family is still eating as normal, although Harrison said he wants to try the veggie options. Many of our meals will be the same, I’ll just swap out the meat bits for veggie alternatives, although I am looking forward to trying new dishes. If you have any suggestions for meat-free meals, let me know.

meal planning monday

Meal Planning Monday

Winter vegetable gratin and Quorn sausages

Halloumi fajitas

Vegetable biryani

Bean lasagne

Mushroom, chickpea, and spinach curry with rice

Pizza and chips

Roast dinner (just without the meat for me!)

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