Meal Planning Monday 7/6/21


I am still here, I promise! I just haven’t had a chance for a while to sit and write anything I want to write. I seem to spend my life writing for other people, and neglecting this little space where it all started – ironic, huh?

I WILL write soon though. I have a long list of posts and ramblings I want to share, it is just finding the time to do them. This week is going to be a busy one because at the end of it, I will have a TEN YEAR OLD! A ten year old! How the fluffin’ hell did that happen?

Anyway, before I get all misty eyed, remembering my giant boy as a snuffly little cute shrimpy thing, I will leave you with my meal plan for this week. Oooh – remind me to share our experience of Mr Fussy Pants Alex with you at some point soon as well.

meal planning monday

Meal Plan

Smoked mackerel, baked potato and salad

Honey mustard chicken and rice

Fish, chips and peas

Mixed bean lasagne and salad

Takeaway for Harrison’s birthday

Party food

Roast dinner

5 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 7/6/21

  1. Good luck! I hope you find some time to do some blogging of your own.
    Happy birthday to Harrison! I hope he has a fab day.
    Great meal plan and enjoy the party food x

  2. Honey mustard chicken looks delicious!
    I’ve started to get the cookbooks out to try and learn some new recipes!

  3. Honey mustard chicken sounds lovely. I will give that a go next week.

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