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I’m Rachel. I’m mum to Harrison (June 2011), Alexander (October 2012) and Benjamin (November 2014), and Elizabeth (August 2019) and married to Graham.  We also have three cats – Tiggy, Ellie, and Bellatrix. We are originally from Birmingham, but in October 2016 decided to move 130 miles away, and are now based near Rhyl, in North Wales. As well as my little family and my blog, I love the beach, coffee, chocolate, teacups and candles. In my life before kids, I was a teacher so I’m passionate about anything that helps children to learn and develop, but as a mum, I know how important it is for kids to have fun. This blog was set up to share ideas, activities and resources that will help kids develop in a creative way, and was originally called ‘Activities4kidz’. As time has gone on, the blog has evolved and I’ve found myself wanting to write more about life in general, which is where Coffee, Cake, Kids came in!

You can contact me in several ways. You can leave a comment on my blog or you can:

‘Like’ my Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/coffeecakekids

Follow me on Instagram or Twitter: @coffee_cakekids

Or email me at:  coffeecakekids@gmail.com

I will get back to everyone as soon as I get time, but please do not contact me offering me MLM products or ‘networking opportunities’.

Thankyou, and enjoy the blog!!

Rach xxx


24 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Its really lovely reading your blog. I was checking out trying to get an undestanding for what parents like to see and buy for children.
    I run an Online Toys business and was wondering if you would be interested in sharing things we sell, things we do as a company.
    We are just bringing in a nice range of baby items which may be of interest to you and your readers.
    Would love to hear back from you.
    Best wishes

    1. Yep, I love collecting them, although my collection was more than halved a few weeks ago when the dresser collapsed and half of them smashed 🙁

  2. I used to collect Clarice Cliff tea cups and teapots- I love her style and they are so colourful

  3. Hello,

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    Sophie Fenns

  4. Hi Rachel,
    I too am orginally from Birmingham. But now living in Blackpool

  5. Hi Rachel, I’ve discovered your blog via a competition and I will be checking back regularly on all of your social media profiles as I just love blogs like this!! I myself am a mum to 3 amazing children (Scott 13yrs/Millie 7yrs/Aliylah 5mths) and its great to read and share with others with the same interests/things in common.

  6. It’s lovely to meet the person behind the blog. I love beaches too, though sadly we don’t live anywhere near one.

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  8. Oh wow how brave moving all that way but if you love the beach I bet it is worth it.
    I have signed up to your email so look forward to hearing more about you and your family

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