Meal Planning Monday 12/6/23

Look at this – posted meal plans for two weeks in a row, as well as posting two other posts about my love of podcasts and how I use chatGPT to help me write. I’m on a roll!

This week is a fairly ordinary week, I think. Elizabeth is off on a play date today straight from nursery, which means I have the entire school day to myself – that’s going to be very odd! It gives me a sense of what it is going to be like in September when she is in full-time school. Other than that, I don’t think there is anything else going on – just the way I like it!

Meal Plan

Click here to see last week’s meal plan

Cajun dirty rice

Sweet chili chicken and egg noodles

Cheesy potato and bacon bake


Bacon cheeseburger pinwheels with sweet potato fries

Party tea

Roast dinner

One thought on “Meal Planning Monday 12/6/23”

  1. Ohh! What a treat for you and Elizabeth having a play date, she has fun and you get some extra time to yourself.
    Great meal plan! I love the sound of the Cajun dirty rice. x

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