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My three boys (and the girl child, come to think of it) love building. That very famous Danish plastic building brick company gets lots of money spent with them, and I cannot tell you how many times I have stood on the bloody stuff!

We were, as you can imagine, very excited when we were sent a couple of Laser Pegs multi models to have a play with. With the nights drawing in so early and the weather being so terrible, they looked like something lovely to do in the evenings after school.

What are Laser Pegs Multi Models?

Laser Pegs Multi-Models are wonderful construction kits that come with one or more special light-up bricks that make them glow in the dark. The kits are based on a theme and feature a variety of bricks that can be used to construct a variety of models.

The 4 in 1 Construction Set and the 5 in 1 VTOL Sparhawk kits are the ones I will be showing you, however, there are many more multi-model sets to pick from.

The use of light-up bricks adds a new level of excitement to the process of building and constructing. They are equipped with an on/off switch on one end and an opening on the other allowing the light to pass through to provide illumination. It is important to point this out to children so that they are aware of the importance of putting the bricks in the correct orientation while using them. If you put it in the wrong way around, you will not be able to turn it on or off!

What’s in the box?

The Laser Pegs Multi-Models 4 in 1 Construction kit allows you to construct four types of construction vehicles. You will find the following items inside:

1 LED Light Brick batteries included).
91 brick pieces in all.
Instructions for building the Bobcat

Instructions for the other three models can be found online on the Laser Pegs website.

The instructions were easy enough for Harrison (age 10) to build completely independently in around 20 mins or so. He struggled a little putting the arms of the digger on as they had to be aligned to click in but a bit of effort and he got it. The finished result is great!

It was only small, but looks great when lit up!

The Laser Pegs Multi-Models 5 in 1 VTOL Sparhawk set lets kids build 5 different types of aircraft. In the box there are:

  • 3 LED Light Bricks
  • 172 bricks
  • Instructions for building the VTOL Sparhawk

Again, the instructions for the other models can be downloaded online for free.

This was a more complex build, and Alex (9) did need some help from dad. The main reason for this is that many of the bricks are similar in colour and distinguishing between them was actually pretty tricky. It was also just a generally more complicated model overall, but it was worth it when you saw the final result.

What did we think overall?

We thought they were pretty good! They’re not as easy to click together as other branded bricks, but that aside, they’re great. They are compatible with all the main brands as well, giving a much wide scope for builds. I think the LED light adds just a little something extra to it, and they make great light-up ornaments for their bedroom too. Definitely a great little gift for Christmas and kids’ birthdays.

The Laser Pegs Multi Models are available from Smyths and other toy retailers, starting at £19.99 per set.

*We were sent these items free of charge for the purpose of this review. We were not paid, and all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. Wow! I haven’t seen these before. Love them. It is so important for children to have construction sets when they are young. They are not only satisfyng but teach children patience, care and following instructions to name just a few benefits.

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