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The Wobbly Worm game from Spinmaster came just as the kids were breaking up for the summer holiday – it couldn’t have been better timing! We are trying to take them out as much as possible, but sometimes you need a day in to get on with other stuff – and this is perfect for those days. It’s fun for the entire family, and a great way for them to burn off a bit of energy in the garden.

The idea is that you throw the hoops at the worm, which wobbles about – like a sort of hoopla game. It is the sort of game that everyone can play and have a lot of fun with. In fact, Graham and I may have attempted playing this in the living room after sharing a bottle of wine (it’s harder than it looks!).

Wobbly Worm

The Wobbly Worm is simple to put together – you just click the tubes together to make it as high as you want it. It is worth noting that it does need 2 x ‘C’ batteries, which don’t come included, and like most children’s games, it needs a screwdriver to open the battery compartment.

It’s suggested for two to three players, but there’s no reason you can’t have lots of fun with it with just one player. From an educational viewpoint, I love that it encourages some hand/eye coordination skills. The hoops, which come in three different colours and sizes, have safety catches on them so if you have children anything like mine that attempts to put them over their heads and get them stuck (yes, Harrison, I’m looking at you kid!), they come apart. Little things like that make a huge difference when it comes to kids toys.

Wobbly Worm

I can see the Wobbly Worm being something that’s pulled out time and time again over the next few weeks, especially as we can all play with it! It costs around £20 and is available from Amazon.


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2 thoughts on “Wobbly Worm | Review”

  1. Such a simple idea but will give masses of FUN for all the family

  2. This looks like fun, I think my children would enjoy it just like your children xXx

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