Spy Ninjas New Recruit Mission Kit | Review

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My boys LOVE spy stuff. Like, really love it. They are more than a little obsessed with Spy Ninjas on YouTube, featuring Chad Wild Clay and Vy Quaint, as they protect the online world from Project Zorgo. In fact, I have just asked them about it, Harrison said they had defeated it apparently. I haven’t got a clue! All I know is that it is a favourite in this house, and so the Spy Ninja’s New Recruit Mission Kit went down an absolute treat.

Included in the Spy Ninja’s New Recruit Mission Kit were:

  • Secret Message Pen
  • Ninja Noise Enhancer
  • Decoder Wheel
  • The Codebreaking Guide Activity Book
  • Evidence Detection Guide Activity Book
  • Spy Ninjas Notebook
  • Spy Ninja Membership ID Card
  • Spy Ninja Certificate of Achievement
  • Spy Ninjas Decoder Card

As you can see, there is plenty for budding spies to get on with!

Alex, in particular, loved the code-breaking guide and the decoder card – that’s right up his street, and Harrison made off with the secret message pen pretty swiftly. I think he might be using it to write secret notes to his girlfriend rather than spy-related activities-when I get hold of the pen to use the light, I will find out the secret messages! Once they have completed all of the activities, they are fully-fledged members of the Spy Ninjas.

The activities in the book were aimed perfectly at Alex’s age (9), and I loved that it made him use his brain a little and that he had lots of fun doing it at the same time.

The Spy Ninjas’ New Recruit Mission Kit is available from Smyths with an RRP of £24.99, and you can see the whole range by clicking here.

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