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I have been using reusable options for my periods for a few years now, switching between period pants and a menstrual cup. I have found that things are much more comfortable and easier to deal with, and I can’t ever imagine going back to disposable items now! One thing I hadn’t tried though was reusable pads, although I have lots of friends who swear by them.

I was pretty pleased when Trade to Aid got in touch and gave me the opportunity to try out their reusable sanitary pads. Not only did it give me the chance to see how I got on with cloth pads, but the idea behind them is superb.

So what are Trade to Aid reusable pads?

This set of cloth pads comes in varied absorbancies for the different days of your cycle and remains securely in your underwear. Each box of Trade to Aid pads comprises 6 pads: 2 light flow, 2 medium flow, and 2 heavy flow with a waterproof wet bag and is excellent to get you started. They are soft and comfy and make everything feel a little comfier. They are also pretty cute!

They are manufactured from recycled and reusable materials and made from natural bamboo charcoal with no synthetic additives or harsh chemicals. For every pack bought, another pack is provided to someone in need. Not only that, Trade to Aid is a non-profit social business and so all of the proceeds gained from sales go to distributing pads to individuals in need and sponsoring menstrual education and hygiene projects.

Why use reusable pads?

Choosing to use reusable pads helps to decrease waste, keep plastic out of landfills, and keep it out of the environment’s natural resources. We can use between 5 and 15 thousand pads or tampons in our lifetime if we use disposable sanitary goods, which add millions of tons of plastic to the landfill each year.

Instead of contributing to the waste material, it is worthwhile to consider converting to reusable pads that can be washed and reused for several years at a time.

I usually just rinse them through with water, put them into the wet bag, and toss them in the washing machine at the end of my period but you don’t need to rinse them and you can hand wash if you feel more comfortable. They are an easy enough switch to make. 

In addition to the environmental benefits, there are significant benefits for our own health as well. The majority of disposable pad brands are composed primarily of plastic and contain synthetic compounds, many of which are harmful to our health. I have noticed that since moving away from disposable pads and tampons, everything feels a bit more comfortable down there during my period – no nasty chemicals against my skin. 

Period poverty

Period poverty affects more than 500 million women and girls across the world,  with as many as three out of ten girls in the United Kingdom failing to get their hands on the items they require. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), as many as one in every ten girls misses school during their periods in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their access to feminine hygiene products and menstruation education is limited, and as a result of not having the necessary items, they skip school or work, or even drop out of school entirely, as they begin to experience their first period. This entirely natural experience we are going through should not prevent people from pursuing higher education and, as a result, from living their lives to the fullest.

Trade to Aid is attempting to combat period poverty by offering women and girls a safe, sustainable choice that has the potential to make a significant difference in their lives.

You can buy a set of Trade to Aid reusable cloth pads from their website for £29.96 for a pack of six.

Want to try a pack out for yourself? Enter the giveaway today!

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  1. Love the idea of the SUGAR PLUM FAIRY scent. Would love to try these Reusable pads too, love the company donating some and also less rubbish. Win win

  2. These pads are a fantastic idea, perfect for cutting down on plastic waste. I love the sound of the Baby Powder Frosted Pink Candle

  3. Let me know which scent you would love to try from glamwax.co.uk

    Coconut and Sandalwood for me

  4. These pads look amazing!
    I’d love to try the alien princess scent and snow queen scent from glamwax.co.uk 🙂

  5. Hello, I would like to try Glam Wax’s Rhubarb & Rose Gloss Clear Candle as I’m sure that smells so lovely!

  6. The rafflecopter asked me which scent I would like to try from glamwax, being truthful I don’t use or like wax melts but I love the smell of coconut so maybe the sandalwood and coconut. These pads look really good though – I’m trying to make greener changes including reuseable nappies on our son so it would be fairly easy to switch to period products too.

    1. I know – it’s a bit confusing! I stupidly forgot to change the entry requirements! They are very good and well worth it!

  7. Ruby and Rose sounds really lovely!

    I am a massive fan of cloth pads. I definitely recommend them! X

  8. Coconut and sandalwood scent is lovely. These pads look great and a brilliant alternative to disposibles!

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