Making Maths Fun with the Finding Dory Game for LeapPad

My three boys swing from wanting to be outside and runnings about all the time to wanting to zone out with the TV or their tablets. There’s no happy medium between the two. Whilst I love the fact they want to be outdoors, and I certainly don’t begrudge them some downtime with technology, trying to get them to sit down and do something like a bit of maths practice is nigh on impossible. I was THAT parent that bought a few workbooks for them to do over the summer. They’re collecting dust on the windowsill, so that’s obviously going really well. I’m not ever going to be a parent that makes them sit down and do hours of work in the holidays, but as a former teacher, I know how important it is to keep them using what they’ve learned at school, even when school is out.

So, I have to try and use what they’re interested in – the outdoors and technology – to help them with learning. What better way than using two of their favourite things – the LeapPad and Finding Dory?

As you may know from my review of the LeapPad, we are LeapFrog ambassadors, and the reason why I love LeapFrog so much is because they make learning fun. Heck, I don’t think the boys even realise that they’re learning whilst playing. We were recently sent out the Finding Dory Mathematics Learning Game to play with on the LeapPad.


It’s aimed at children 4-7, so perfect for all three of the boys, although probably a little bit basic now for Harrison. It features characters from the Finding Dory movie, which the boys adore. The aim is to help Dory find her way home by following an exciting mathematical quest. Skills include:

Addition and Subtraction

Shapes and Patterns

Finding ways through mazes


Memory games

Number Identification


It’s a really fun and engaging game, and the boys will happily sit for half an hour or so at a time, playing. I can definitely see it helping Benjamin with his early number skills when we sit together and play it. It’s a bit of a win-win – I’m happy that they’re learning and they’re happy that they’re playing!

The cartridge costs around £14.99 and can be bought from the LeapFrog store, or from third-party retailers such as Amazon.

*We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own and have not been influenced in any way.



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