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There’s nothing more than the kids (or us!) love more than snuggling up under a soft blanket, especially at this time of the year when it’s dark and miserable. We definitely love embracing a bit of hygge here! The kids were over the moon when they were sent a Snuggle Sac to test out – even the name made us feel all cosy!

The Snuggle Sac, from Ollie and Leila who stock a range of children’s furniture is a sort of fluffy, soft sleeping bag. It can be used to replace normal conventional bedding, for camping and sleepovers or just for snuggling up on the sofa. So far we have used it for keeping cosy on the sofa, but with us regularly going back to Birmingham to visit family, I can see it being very useful for sleepovers.

It has a 100% cotton lining which is lovely and comfortable to the touch. The outside is fluffy and definitely makes the Snuggle Sac live up to its name! It’s a decent size meaning it will last them all a good few years. It comes in a handy carry bag and unlike traditional sleeping bags which are an absolute nightmare to try and get back into the bag, it goes back in nice and easily.

What we really liked about the Snuggle Sac is that it has space for you to slide your own pillow in. I know from my own experience of sleepovers and camping, when you don’t have a headboard to support your pillow they often slide about, making it really uncomfortable. This stops that problem and makes chilling on the sofa (and the floor!) even comfier.

At £50, it’s a little bit pricey compared to conventional sleeping bags, but it’s much more multi-purpose. If you have a wriggly child, like Alex, who constantly manages to knock their quilt off in the night this would be a good alternative and keep them warm, especially as it can be washed and dried really easily. We have the sleeping bags for babies – this is one for the bigger kids!

*We were sent this product for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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