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I spend quite a lot of time in my bed. Elizabeth and I tend to go up to bed around 9 pm, and I sit there working until the early hours while she sleeps either in bed next to me or in her co-sleeper crib. It’s important for anyone to have a comfy mattress, but particularly if you spend a lot of time in bed.

However, my mattress is awful. Really, truly awful. It’s about five years old so it isn’t ancient, but it wasn’t a particularly brilliant one to start with and desperately needs replacing. We will get around to it one day (how bloody expensive are mattresses?!) but the solution in the meantime has been a Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper. The difference it has made has been incredible, and while we need to buy a mattress after Christmas still, this has made it SO much more comfortable until then.

Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper

What’s so special about the Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper?

The one thing that has always stopped me buying a memory foam topper is that I know that they generally get really hot. As someone who already sleeps with the window open in the middle of winter, the thought of something making me even hotter was more than a little offputting. However, the Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper, which on 22nd October 2019 is featuring as QVC’s Today’s Special Value Item (so a huge discount!) stays much cooler, thanks to its air mesh sidewalls.

Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper

It is deeply filled with hollow fibre and a 3cm memory foam layer which makes it uber comfy. This moulds to your body and provides unparalleled comfort to your joints. I can vouch for this – I have woken up less achy since having the topper. It has elasticated straps to attach it to your mattress which is great as I’m a terrible fidgeter, which is why Graham and I sleep separately most of the times!

I’ve been really impressed with the Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper so far – I’m definitely getting a better night’s sleep.

As I mentioned above, the topper is available on QVC on 22nd October 2019 as it’s special value topper, so check it out here.

*We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own and have not been influenced in any way.

8 thoughts on “Silentnight Breatheasy Memory Foam Topper | Review

  1. Memory foam toppers are amazing. Our mattress was awful and we couldn’t afford a new one but could afford a memory foam topper and it changed our lives! My fella and I both sleep much better now! x

  2. We have the memory foam topper too. They really do change the feel of your mattress for the better.

  3. I was unaware that memory foam toppers can make you hot so this is very valuable information and I will definitely give this particular one a close look before making a purchase in the new year.

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