Monster Smash Up Truck | Review

Monster Smas Up Truck Review

Now, I apologise in advance of the lack of photos of my own children playing with it – a big thank you to Maria from Suburban Mum for letting me use some of her photos for this review. My own three loved this toy and played with it a bit too enthusiastically – the bits are scattered over the house hence the lack of my own photos!

Remote control cars are an absolute favourite in our house. We have a toy box full of them, yet every new one brings more excitement, more fun, and more bruised ankles for me. One that is designed to crash though? That’s like heaven for the three boys!

The Monster Smash Up Truck comes in three colours and characters – Rhowdy Rhino, Vicious Viper and Raging Raptor. Like Maria, we were sent the red Vicious Viper.

It comes ready assembled, but believe me, it doesn’t stay that way for long. I think within a few seconds we were putting the lego-like design back together and popping the little figure, which gets ejected from the seat when it crashes back in his seat. You can imagine the fun they had with this – although my skirting boards and the door got a bit of a battering!

It’s rechargeable via USB lead and only takes around 20 minutes to be charged enough for around 90 minutes of play. Considering some remote control cars we have last about thirty seconds after being charged overnight, I’m pretty pleased with that. You do also need 2 x AA batteries for the remote, which aren’t included.

The remote is simple to use, even for Ben. It’s just two finger controls and a button. The only thing I would say about it is that it is very noisy – I’d quite like to see a volume control added (and that’s just for the kids!).

They’ve had lots of fun with the Monster Smash Up Truck, and once I’ve managed to find all the bits for it again, they’ll have plenty more fun with it!

The Monster Smash Up Truck is priced around £28 and is available from Amazon.

*We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own. Contains affiliate links. 



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