Making Our Rented House A Home

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We’ve lived in our house for almost two years now, and it really does feel like home. Our first flat aside, it’s the first property we’ve lived in that has been clean, modern and freshly decorated – all the others have had some major issues. 

Living in a rented house, it can be quite difficult to put a stamp on it and make it feel like yours. One day, we might get around to owning our own home, but being on a fairly low income, we struggle. The Chenoa Fund is pretty good for helping people get onto the housing ladder, which is what we want to do at some point. Until then, we have to make the best out of what we have.

Our walls are painted a very generic magnolia, the floor is light laminate downstairs and neutral carpet upstairs. Whilst that sounds terribly boring, it means that the house is clean, bright and we can add personality and colour with furniture and accessories.

One of my favourite features of the house is the fireplace. I think fireplaces make a nice focal point for a room, especially when you have a through lounge/dining room as we do. It is somewhere to put a few bits and pieces, to decorate at Christmas. I really missed having one in the bungalow, so I was determined to make it look really nice.

We are looking to change the fire to something a bit nicer at some point, but I love the marble bottom and the white wooden fire surround. We’ve done really well so far to keep the top clutter free – I’m determined it’s going to stay like that. We just have a few candles on top of there. In the centre, we have my Clementine and Prosecco Heyland and Whittle candle, which my brother and his girlfriend bought me for Christmas. It’s a lovely light fragrance, perfect for the spring and summer. On either side of it are my mini Yankee candles in little glass ‘buckets’ – gifts from my other brother and his wife! They are slightly heavier fragranced, so they are perfect for the winter months.

On top of the fire itself is the candle that was in my goody bag from the recent hen weekend to Center Parcs. Charlotte knows me so well! This is from TK Maxx.

Hanging from the shelf is some really simple hessian heart bunting. This was only about a fiver from Amazon, and I love it – it has a lovely rustic feel to it.

Finishing it off at the bottom is our ‘Home’ sign*. We were sent this when we moved into the house and it felt like the perfect accessory for making our house a home. When it’s turned on in the evening, it gives a lovely soft glow and really makes the room, which is fairly big and open feel cosy and welcoming. It’s battery operated, so no wires trailing around and the LED bulbs will last around 50,000 hours, so it will be lighting our home for many years to come! I love it!

What are your top tips for making a rented house feel like home?

3 thoughts on “Making Our Rented House A Home”

  1. Personalised beauty – great ideas – youve done so much already

  2. It’s looking beautiful. I’ve also put a string of tiny hearts around our fireplace and wrapped some copper wiring lights around them. All the best for you all in your new home.

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