Level Up Your Living Space With Limited Time

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Our homes are our place to relax and spend time with our loved ones, and if we don’t feel particularly happy within that environment, it will affect our overall enjoyment of our homes. We’ll have at least one room in our house that we would like to level up so that we can enjoy our time them all. Some of us have a bedroom that isn’t as well furnished or relaxing as we would like, and some of us need a serious upgrade on our kitchens but have just never found time for it. We’re all leading busy lives, and some of us have less time to spend on decorating than others, but there are some things we can do quickly around our homes, that will improve them, without spending days stripping wallpaper.

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You may already be an art lover, or you may have nothing on your walls currently, either way adding a splash of color, and some artwork installations into your home, can be an excellent way to add interest and impress visitors. An incredible way to save time choosing your artwork is to use online galleries, this way, you can sit in the comfort of your home and find the ideal piece for you. It’s also a fantastic Idea to support artists and buy their work purely because you enjoy it, and want it in your home. It’s also beneficial for the children and your family as an introduction to the arts and culture.


Rearranging your furniture can actually give a whole new feel to your home, you can quite easily make more space, and increase the flow and energy in your home, just by moving the sofa from one end of the room to the other. Children especially love rearranging their bedrooms, and it can be an exciting thing to make it feel as though they have a whole new bedroom. Some of us like to do this regularly. We may be met with eye rolls by other family members the next time we suggest a move around, but if your home is currently feeling like it is lacking in something, trying out new furniture arrangements is potentially all it needs. And, what’s great about this is that it can take just an hour or two to transform a space.

Soft furnishings

You don’t necessarily have to replace your whole dining room set, to change the look of the room, you don’t have to replace your whole sofa to add a bit of color to your living room, all it takes is some different colored cushions and throws, with the contrasting or matching color accessories you can make a massive difference to the overall feel of a space. Rugs, mats, and curtains can cover large areas of dull decor, so browsing Pinterest for some ideas on colors that accentuate what you already have, and get shopping online, this will save your time and energy traipsing around the shops trying to find the right ones for your home.

Revamp your upholstery

Leveling up doesn’t entail breaking the bank. You don’t have to buy a new sofa set if your old one is still functional. Instead of purchasing a new couch, replace its upholstery with something more trendy or modern. 

Investing in household upholstery has many benefits. It’s the cheapest way to redecorate your space. Besides the cost, you also get to choose a fabric that’s suitable for your living condition. For example, microfiber and leather are the best upholstery fabrics for fur parents. 

Before you decide to revamp your upholstery, make sure to source your upholstery fabrics from a trustworthy online supplier.

Expand your outdoor area

If your family is a fan of parties or outdoor events, a deck is worth considering. You can upgrade your backyard to add dedicated space for entertaining guests or relaxing with the family. Decks can also accommodate above-ground pools, so you can enjoy even the most humid summer days at home. 

Deck installation has become easier in recent years and can now be a short-term DIY project. Installation manuals you can easily follow are available online, while deck suppliers also offer phone support to guide you through the entire process. 

As for materials, deck boards made from composite materials of wood fibers and recycled plastic are a popular choice. Unlike traditional wooden boards, they are easier to clean and don’t easily crack or fade. They also come in colors and finishes that mimic real wood to keep that natural look.

In the end, all that matters is that you are happy with your surroundings, and our homes are where we spend a lot of time, so it makes sense to ensure that it suits you and your family. Plus, with these ideas, you won’t need to spend too much time going about it either.

4 thoughts on “Level Up Your Living Space With Limited Time”

  1. I have to admit i am always changing my lounge around, trying to make a small place look bigger, i have one feature wall i tend to play with, if i am not wallpapering it, i am stripping it off and just painting it, soft furnishings i dont really change as they go with the furniture, its difficult trying to get make that space

  2. I always find the changing your furniture around can make it feel like a brand new room. I think what my living room is missing is some colourful art work. Thanks for the tips.

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