Alex and Bill {The Ordinary Moments}

Although they have sackfuls of bears, none of the boys have ever really shown any particular attachment to a soft toy. They’ve ended up buried in the bottom in the toybox, and when we moved house, I gave three bin liners of unloved bears to the charity shop.

In the past couple of weeks, however, Alex has become very attached to one particular bear. I’m not sure why this one – I don’t even know where it came from! He’s named it Bill (no idea!) and he’s suddenly become a very big part of our family!


To begin with, he kept sticking the bear up his t-shirt and told us he was having a baby, which was so cute!


Now, Bill goes everywhere. He’s tucked up and cuddled in bed every night. He sits on the table and watches us eat. He’s strapped into the car, and is given piggybacks around the house.


With Alex off to nursery in September, and acting like a mini teenager at times, it’s moments like this remind us that he is only three years old.

One thought on “Alex and Bill {The Ordinary Moments}”

  1. Bless him! Such cute photo’s. Only one of mine so far seems completely attached to a soft toy, the other two don’t seem phased at all. I love those moments that remind you how little they are. I often forget Ellis is only 3 too! xx

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