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We have a really exciting few months ahead of us – both of my brothers are getting married. I’m a bridesmaid for both of them, and Graham is an usher at Tom and Kim’s in October. The kids are really looking forward to it (as are we!) and they are desperate to wear proper suits to their uncles’ weddings. Because we know just how cute and handsome they will look, we agreed to buy them suits.

Obviously, if they’re wearing suits, they will need shoes to go with them, which is where Dobell came in. They offered to send Harrison a pair of shoes for the wedding from their website, which specialises in formal wear for men and boys. We opted for the black loafers, which are £39.99. We loved the lace up dress shoes, but as Harrison still can’t do laces, we figured the slip on loafers would be more practical.

Dobell Formal Shoes

We ordered his usual size but they do seem a little on the larger size compared to his trainers. That’s not too much of an issue though – we do have a couple of months to go before the first wedding and no doubt they will fit him perfectly by then. They’re very good quality leather, well made and surprisingly sturdy – I think that had we not want to keep them nice for the weddings, he could easily wear them for school. Price wise, I think for the quality, they are pretty reasonable. They’re certainly better made than a well known children’s shoe brand and are similar sort of prices.

He’s worn them around the house a few times to make sure they are comfortable and to break them in, but the leather is so soft, I don’t think that was actually necessary. He absolutely loves them, and I’ve had to literally take them off his feet and hide them away because he would wear them all the time if he could.

Dobell Formal Shoes

I haven’t got any photos of him wearing them with a suit just yet – I still actually have to get those – but keep an eye out on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at the end of October, I’m sure I will have lots of photos then!

*We were sent these shoes free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are our own.



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