Wait, What Even Is A ‘Classic’ Home?

If you’re confused about what a traditional or classic home is, rest assured that you’re not alone. We live in a fantastic time where there are more styles than you can shake a stick at. The modern world of interior design offers you so many unique and crossover styles that its little wonder than the slightly older styles have been swept under the rug. Well, one of them is the classic home. No, it’s not the same as the traditional style because it’s not as formal. However, it does borrow a lot of the style choices and ethos behind the technique. The classic home can be summed up as the post-Victorian era chic and sophisticated design. It’s more outlandish than it’s contemporary but it’s not as difficult to get right; meaning there’s more freedom to add your own personality.

Fainting couch vs Chaise

The Victorian home would have a leather fainting chair. However, the classic home doesn’t need to go that far and instead you can have a Chaise lounge chair instead. The fainting chair incorporates wooden borders while the Chaise is more open and upholstered. Both can be made in leather and fabrics but if you want to keep it high-end, then go for the leather. Both chairs can also have the Chesterfield button style but only the Chaise lounge chair goes well with just a smooth tort surface. You can already see the subtle differences in shape and ethos. The Chaise is great for your living room and garden. The fainting couch is far too heavy to be moved out of the rain so easily so it would always rest in the lounge room. The Chaise is great for any classic home that offers a nice reading space.

A modern rug is a classic?

The traditional home would always prided itself on authenticity. If you were going to have a rug, it has to be the best i.e. Persian. However, the classic home allows for a lot more freedom to choose the type you want. It doesn’t have to originate from anywhere, all that matters is the style and quality. Hence why modern pure-wool rugs are highly recommended for your living room and or open floor plan. These large handmade rugs are excellent for filling in the gap to a large open floor plan and connecting the living room to the kitchen. Maintenance does become an issue but you always have services like Devine Rug Care that clean and care for the best rugs in the world. They will remove dust, moisture, and bacteria without damaging your rug and or lessening its quality. 

A smaller fringe

Traditional decor always welcomes a tassel and fringe lamp shade. The classic home has taken this idea and ran with it. However, rather than sticking to a palette that is earth tone, you can have turquoise and green lampshade for your classic home. It doesn’t have to be in the usual large tent shape either, it can be in a simple half-egg shape. 

The classic home has taken many ideas from the traditional home and brought them into the modern-day. Begin your journey to loving this style with a Chaise lounge chair. 

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