Budget Friendly Ways To Keep Burglars at Bay

Keeping our family and possessions safe is so important, but home safety can be expensive. As great as fancy home security systems are, CCTV that hooks up to your smartphone and brand new windows and doors- they’re extremely expensive. If you don’t have thousands of pounds to spend on kitting out your place (or maybe you’re renting and can’t make these kinds of changes – but ask your landlord if he or she will allow you to put in new alarm systems for home), there are still some things you can do. Here are some of the ways you can keep burglars at bay which are more budget friendly.

Upgrade Your Locks

First of all, if you have never changed the locks on your home, you should do so by hiring an emergency locksmith. You have no idea who else has a copy of your key, people who previously lived in the property or anyone they knew could be holding on to it.  There have been cases where burglars have come back to properties many years later and simply used an old key. Having the locks changed and knowing exactly who has a copy is crucial for home security. Get on google and look for a decent locksmith in your area to come out and give you a quote.

If you’d like to do the job yourself, you can learn lockpicking and get your own extensive lockpick sets. Even though you intend to use them to upgrade your locks at home, they’ll definitely come in handy at other points in your life. Got locked out of your home? Lost the keys to the backdoor? Those will not be a problem with your lockpick sets. Lockpicking is definitely a practical skill that at least one person in the household should learn. No need to get a professional locksmith and pay exorbitant fees to help you out.

Cut Down Bushes

Bushes, trees and hedges can provide privacy from the street, which can seem like a great thing. However, they also provide privacy and cover to a burglar trying to gain entry into your home. Any plants in the front garden should be kept lower than around four feet. Going out with a pair of hedge cutters or garden shears and trimming everything back costs nothing. But it could well make your home a less appealing target for burglars.

Make it Look Occupied

Finally, another great way to thwart thieves is by giving the impression that your home is occupied- even when it’s not. Most burglars are opportunistic, they target houses because they look easy. Quiet and empty properties will always be their first choice, as it minimises their risk of being caught and allows them to get in and out without any hassle. If a burglar suspects someone is home, it’s usually enough to put them off. Timer switches plug into your sockets and can be used with lamps, TVs, radios and other appliances. Whether you’re on vacation or just at work, having things come on in different rooms throughout the day looks like someone moving around naturally in the home. If a curious burglar is scoping out your home, then it’s enough for them to move onto somewhere easier. People find it tempting to leave lights on when they’re away from home, but this can look just as obvious as leaving them off. If the same lights have been on all evening and are still on at 3/4am, it’s like an advertisement saying ‘we’re not here!’

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