Project 365: Week 5

I really struggled this week, and I have to admit, I’m so over this week. Alex was off school poorly all week so we didn’t go anywhere – my friend picked up Harrison and dropped him home from school to save me having to take him out in the rain and wind. On Thursday night, we got our new car (yippppeee!) ready to drive to Telford for Graham’s sister’s party. All of Graham’s family were going and we were staying overnight in a hotel – we’d been looking forward to it for ages! Typically, Benjamin came down with the fluey/cold/virus that Alex had all week whilst we were there, and as the evening wore on, both Graham and I began to feel increasingly poorly. We left the party early and it was a very uncomfortable and long night in the hotel. I fell down at Project 365 at that point, because on Saturday, I just felt too poorly to pick up my camera, so I’ve shared one I took last year that I love – I hope that counts!!


Pink sunset

As soon as I saw the colour of the sky on Sunday evening, I knew I would need to take a photo – it was gorgeous!


A pretty naff photo to be honest – Alex had been poorly all Sunday night and throughout Monday. He had a rotten cold and a temperature which was making him have nightmares and hallucinations. He was really not very well at all, and by Monday night, I more than needed a glass of wine!


I hadn’t left the house for a couple of days by this point, breaking my 2018 goal of getting outside every day. I was going slightly insane so whilst Alex and Ben had a doze, I popped out to the bench in the front garden to have a coffee and a few breaths of fresh air.


I don’t have a big zoom lens for my camera yet so this is nowhere near as spectacular as some of the moon photos that I saw this week!


After a very long January, full of illness, bad weather and no car, it was finally February!! And with the 1st of February came our new car – a Citroen Xsara Picasso. We are finally able to get out and about again!


A bit of a crappy cop out – a selfie taken with an-ever flattering Snapchat filter! I was gutted that we didn’t last very long at the party – my makeup looked the best it has ever been (apart from when a professional has done it!).


Like I said, Saturday I was just too poorly to even think about picking my camera up. I think that counts as a pretty good excuse though! This was a photo I took last year of the Pont y Ddraig (Dragon Bridge) in Rhyl.

10 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 5”

  1. Hooray for the new car and you look fabulous!
    Ugh! We have been poorly all week with the nasty cold/flu thing that has been doing the rounds. I hope you all feel better soon!

  2. I used a photo from 2013 this week as it was relevant to my week. Sorry you were all feeling poorly and you didn’t enjoy the party, hope you’er all feeling a bit better now. yeah to the new car

  3. Oh dear, what a tough week! I hope you are all feeling better now. I hate it when the kids are ill and I can’t get out. As soon as someone else gets home, I’m out of the door like a shot!

  4. Oh no you sound quite down – but I know the feeling! Both me and the baby have colds at the mo and the rubbish weather just makes everything worse! #365

  5. think we have all failed somewhere along the lone due to illness, I know I have, I think my 365 in 2016 was actually 362 as too ill to take pictures.
    Hope you are all feeling better and what a shame you drove down there but felt to rotten to enjoy it.
    You do look fab in the snap chat enhanced picture.

  6. I love the colour of that pink sky. January was such a terrible month for nasty bugs going around.

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