Project 365: Week 3

I can’t believe we are already half way through January already! This week has been a week of waiting around for buses and deliveries, playdates and getting lost in the cemetery.

January 11th

day 11


I have a slight obsession with Yankee candles. I have lots of the mini ones in Christmassy scents, and my brothers both bought me big ones for Christmas (Strawberry Buttercream and Snowflake Cookie – LUSH!!), and I *may* have ordered the Sicilian Lemon one the other day – need to hope Graham doesn’t notice!!

January 12th

day 12


We have to catch the bus to nursery. It is only about five stops and literally two or three minutes, but is just too far for Alex’s little legs at the moment – it takes me on my own half an hour to walk it! This makes it even more annoying on days like this when in 50 minutes only one bus came (this is apparently the longest and busiest bus route in Europe and buses should be every 7-9 minutes!), and that bus already had the maximum number of pushchairs on so we couldn’t get on! We use the time waiting for buses to practise counting the cars and name the colours!

January 13th

day 13


I never thought the day would come when I got excited over a steam cleaner but it has! Since we moved into our new house back in October I’ve wanted one as we have laminate floors, and vinyl in the entrance hall, kitchen and bathroom. I finally got round to ordering it and was so excited to swish it round the rooms – makes life so much easier! Next job with it is to clean the oven!

14th January

day 14


My nan bought the boys a Peppa Pig workbook when we went to visit her the other day – they loved sitting and completing the activities.

15th January

day 15


After nursery today I took Harrison and Alex to their friends house for a playdate. The kids all played beautifully whilst us mums had a chat and drink. We missed the bus on the way home, so walked through the cemetery. It’s absolutely huge and so beautiful and peaceful, especially in the autumn and winter.

16th January

day 16


This little dude is seven weeks old today!

day 17

My favourite thing about our house is our beautiful fireplace and open fire. We lit it for the first time today (since have found out there are a million rules about what you can and can’t burn so probably the last!) but it looks so beautiful and cosy.

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9 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 3”

  1. We *might* bash out our ugly gas fire ready for a wood burner or open fire – yours looks lovely. The bus situation sounds like a real pain, I hate the unreliability of public transport – I hope it doesn’t happen too often for you.

  2. We have a half hour work to school and nursery too – there aren’t any buses so we have to walk and it takes forever and both kids complain that their legs age for half of it every single day.

  3. Fantastic photos 🙂 We love an open fire and yours looks very cosy. I would be excited about the steam cleaner too. I’m glad to see Benjamin is looking well again. #Project365

  4. it is mad that you can only burn certain things in a fireplace, and every area is different, love an open fire though.
    I adore walking through graveyards, they make such interesting reading.
    Oh dear at the wait for the bus, that is a long time for children to be patient, great idea to use the traffic to amuse them.
    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  5. I would be lost without my steam cleaner. I am loving my open fire at the moment but am looking forward to having a multifuel burner installed as it will be so much warmer. Great photos.

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