Project 365: Week Three

Another quiet and uneventful week from us this week – the weather has been absolutely horrendous. I woke up in the early hours of Thursday morning to hear the wind howling and was very surprised to find the only damage done was our (thankfully locked!) nappy bin in the middle of the front garden. As we walked to school there was a lot of rubbish and bins in strange places though!

Sunday 14th January


We went for a walk on the beach – our favourite thing to do on the weekends – and found this little dude on the sand. We quite often find ‘pointy starfish’ on the shoreline, especially in the summer, but we’ve never seen one like this before. I thought it was dead, so picked it up and it started squirming. We laid him (her?) down on the rocks ready to go back out with the tide.

Monday 15th January


Benjamin decided he wanted to take his toy Silver Cross pushchair on the school run today. It took us about three times as long to do the school run, but he looks so cute pushing it!

Tuesday 16th January


This was taken on the way home from the morning school run, in the few brief moments of blue sky and sunshine we had. It’s on the bridge by the railway, overlooking an industrial park. Can you spot the sea and windmills in the background?

Wednesday 17th January 2018

Boy lying on his stomach on the floor watching a tablet

A little peek into a very ordinary evening in our house. There are toy cars all over the floor, and the car mat appears to be a permanent fixture in our lounge now. Alex was chilling out watching his tablet whilst the other two were playing cars around him.

Thursday 18th January 

Little boy playing with a cars and a bucket of water

Benjamin has a real thing at the moment about cleaning things and playing with water. The other day I found he had used an entire bottle of baby shampoo to ‘wash’ his cars and zoo animals in the bath and the next day he used toothpaste and soap! To avoid any more bathroom mishaps, he had a tub of water with bubble bath to wash his cars in – it kept him occupied for a good couple of hours! I can also confirm that the TV and stand got a good dusting after seeing this photo – it doesn’t look as bad in ‘real life’!

Friday 19th January

This was a photo taken for a review post (watch out for it next week!). Harrison is such a natural when it comes to photos!

Saturday 20th January

Boy playing xbox and boy reading

We had a lovely slow morning this morning. Graham was at work, so I was hoping to take the kids for a walk and play in the park but it was vile outside. The boys had a go on the Xbox and Benjamin ‘read’ a book to his baby, and then we pulled up lots of the school hymns the kids sing at school on Youtube. It was lovely hearing Alex and Harrison singing them together, and took me back 25 years to my own primary school days – I remembered the words to many of them!

Project 365

17 thoughts on “Project 365: Week Three”

  1. I hadn’t realised it had been so windy in the UK, best check with my rental agent that my fence is ok. love that your son wants to help out, glad you managed to supervise him in time with the toiletries for cleaning #365

  2. Nice to get some slow mornings.
    The phase of your living room looking like a toy shop passes quite quickly so enjoy it while it lasts.
    messy play is much easier to control when you are in charge and its on your terms. great attention span to sit at it that long

  3. Had to laugh at Benjamin and his washing, very cute! Harrison is definitely a natural model. I’ve never looked up school hymns on YouTube, it would be good fun to sing along, but I think the kids would die of embarrassment.

  4. Some lovely shots there, I never realised you could get starfish washing up here. My living room currently has a train track running straight through it. My 8 year old is still very much in train/car/tractor/digger heaven #365

  5. Love the washing game photo, it brings back memories of my guys playing with water in a basin, and washing all the plastic animals. The starfish is amazing. And the pram photo and hugging Tigger one are lovely, so warm and cute.

  6. Glad the star fish made his way back to the sea. I’ve had that dust problem on photos before – only notice the dust when I’m editing.

  7. Ah we went through the washing/cleaning everything phase! I think its just a novelty thing – can get a bit messy tho! Must be lovely to live near the sea #365

  8. He does look so cute pushing that pram! It always amazes me how they can sit in the middle of all the chaos on their tablets, without a care in the world. Never seen that type of starfish, but Neva (who is a bit of a sea creature obsessive) thinks its a brittle star.

    1. Ooh that’s fab to know! I really should learn more about the sea, I know so little about it!

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