Project 365: Week Four

Four weeks in! It’s been another tough week trying to find inspiration for photos – not having a car and the weather being terrible still means we aren’t getting out and about much. Hopefully, this coming week will be the last one we are without a car. Benjamin and I did venture out to Llandudno on the bus on Friday though – it’s 15 minutes in the car but took over an hour on the bus! It was lovely though – we could sit and chat and look out of the window together. We literally went, had a coffee and a gingerbread biscuit on the seafront and came home again but it was nice to get out!

Sunday 21st January

I needed some photos of a jumper that Graham was sent to review, so of course, in the brief moments in between the rain and the howling wind, we headed to the best photo background in the world! He was absolutely freezing but we got a few good shots!

Monday 22nd January

Boy drinking from a straw

Benjamin was desperate to go to the beach to have a play with his digger. It was dry but really cold, so after a play on the beach we went to our favourite little cafe at the harbour – me for a pot of tea to warm up and him for a milkshake a jammy biscuit that was nearly the size of his head!

Tuesday 23rd January

A bit of a cop-out one today! Our January Degustabox arrived and I have to take photos of it immediately because when Graham and the kids get their hands on it, it’s all gone!

Wednesday 24th January

Cup and saucer of frothy coffee with notebook on dark grey background

It was absolutely vile today. Luckily, one of my friends offered to pick Harrison and Alex up and take them to breakfast club so Benjamin and I didn’t have to go out in the pouring rain. He spent the day playing with his cars and I did some planning for the next month. The notebook was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law (Charlotte and Simon at Whisky and Milkshakes)

Thursday 25th January

Boy painting at a table

Benjamin absolutely loves painting, so we do that quite a lot. When I cleared one of the cupboards out I found our big box of cookie cutters – they were originally bought to use with play-doh, but that’s a banned substance in our house. They make excellent stamps for paint though! Benjamin loved talking about the different colours and shapes.

Friday 26th January

Boardwalk pier to sea

This is one of the photos I took on our trip to Llandudno. I was so pleased how it came out!

Saturday 27th January

Boy reading a book

Another miserable day! Graham was at work so we spent the morning watching James Martin cooking and reading. Harrison was telling me all sorts of interesting facts about animals from his book.

Project 365 Week 4

13 thoughts on “Project 365: Week Four”

  1. This time of year is so hard to get exciting photos…You have done well though!
    Your photos are gorgeous! I love the one from Llandudno.

  2. love the boardwalk into the sea picture.
    Poor man having to freeze to death for a blog photo, love your style.
    The weather can be bad at this time of year and makes getting out hard.

  3. It doesn’t look cold and windy in your beach shots, but I’ll take your word for it, nice to still be able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air

  4. What a nightmare with the length of that bus journey, sounds awful. That’s a great idea for cutters. Such lovely photos xx #365

  5. The sea does make a fab backdrop for pics. I’d like to leave Brum for the Welsh coast too – maybe when H has finished school. I’m the same with the Degustabox – I take the pictures as quick as I can otherwise things go missing.

  6. Asa and the children always moan at me if I have clothing reviews for them, they love the clothes but hate the posing for pics! You can guarantee the weather is always dodgy when I need to take the pics too. That is an impressive jammy biscuit.

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