Little Brian Paint Sticks Review

*AD- The Little Brian Paint Sticks products were gifted products

The boys love painting and doing arts and crafts, They really love it. We have a craft trolly overflowing with all sorts of bits and bobs. However, the one thing that I hate them getting out – and unfortunately, they love the most- is the paints. The mess involved is ridiculous – needing paintbrushes and water and paint post, and they inevitably end up covered in it. Sometimes it feels more hassle than it is worth to get it out, but at the same time, I really hate stifling their creativity.

This is why Little Brian paint sticks are a complete game changer. No faffing with paintbrushes and water, no knocking over of anything. No waiting around for soggy bits of paper to dry. It’s great, mess-free messy play. It is all the fun of painting without the mess.

Little Brian paint sticks

Who are Little Brian?

Little Brian are not new to the kids craft scene – you may have heard of their sister company, Brian Clegg. They are based in Rochdale and have supplied paint and accessories to schools and nurseries for almost forty years – they know exactly what educators and parents want from a product. They have certainly hit the mark with their Little Brian paint range!

Little Brian Giant Paint Stick

This whopper of a paint stick holds all 30 colours from the Little Brian paint stick range – twelve classic colours, twelve metallic colours and six day-glo colours, which can all be stored in the giant tube.

Little Brian Paint Stick

The colours are bright and vivid but are so easy to use in the same way that you would use, say, oil pastels. They can be controlled really easily, even by the smallest of hands, and can be used to blend and create some great effects, not only on paper but card, plastic and even glass! I haven’t told the kids that they can be used on glass (and easily wiped off!) but they can – and dry in sixty seconds! We are also going to be using ours on our tuff spot at some point as well. I am envisaging some incredible firework pictures on the black background with metallic colours! You can also use them with stamps, on things like pebbles and shells, tin foil and so on for plenty of sensory play.

The colours twist up and down like glue sticks and are made from recyclable plastic.

Where to buy: Smyths RRP: £19.99

Little Brian Paint Sticks Paint-a-Puzzle

This is a brand new product to the Little Brian paint sticks range and is perfect for a bit of rainy day fun. The ‘fun at the farm’ themed puzzle contains twelve giant and very sturdy pieces, which the boys loved putting together. Once the puzzle is finished, it is time to paint it using the six included paint sticks. The paint glides onto the pieces beautifully and smoothly, and it was a great activity for the boys to do together. Once decorated, it can be taken apart and put back together time and time again.

Little Brian paint sticks

Where to buy: Argos RRP: £14

Little Brian Paint Sticks Mini Art Station

Like the puzzle, the Little Brian mini art station is a brand new product, and one the boys loved. It’s small enough to be portable, and we are going to be taking it on our trips to the beach and park. It’s double-sided – one side is a whiteboard for the six mini paint pens, and the other side is a chalkboard to use with the six included chalk pens. There is also a duster to clean the boards and ten pieces of A5 paper to clip to the board. The paint and chalk sticks can be stored inside.

Little Brian paint sticks

Where to buy: Smyths RRP: £19.99

The Little Brian mini art station is portable and perfect for taking to the beach or park for some outdoor arty fun! Click To Tweet

We are huge, HUGE fans of these products. The kids love that they can take them out into the garden and to the park to create their masterpieces and I love that there is no mess to deal with afterward. Would we recommend it? Absolutely YES!!!

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  1. The Little Brian Paint Sticks are brilliant aren’t they! My girl loves them and I do too. It looks like your boys have had a fab time with them.

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