Painting With Vehicles

I had seen this activity a few times on the internet, and had planned to do it ‘one day’ with Harrison and Alex. They both love vehicles, they both love paint, so I knew they would really enjoy this, but for some reason (the mess!) we had never got round to doing it. Then, the other day we were watching Mr Maker on CBeebies and he was doing this, and Harrison begged to have a go – so we did!

Painting With Vehicles

We have laminate flooring (thank god!) so I just had some wipes to hand. If you have carpet, I would strongly suggest waiting until the weather improves and doing it outside!

You will need:


Paper Plates

Large sheets of paper (we used lining paper)




We taped the lining paper onto the floor to stop it slipping around, and squeezed the paint onto paper plates. Putting it on paper plates makes it easy to roll the wheels in the paint, and you can simply chuck the plates away when you have finished.

We then chose four vehicles (one for each colour paint), all of different sizes. We rolled the wheels in the paint, making sure they were well covered. Then, we got to work pushing and pulling the paint across the paper.

Painting with Vehicles

They loved seeing the different marks that each vehicle left on the paper, and raced their cars across it. I think they also really enjoyed doing art on a bigger scale than normal.

Painting with Vehicles

painting with vehicles

We love using different objects to paint with, and over the next few months we are going to be trying out all sorts of different things. Sometimes it is more about the processes used rather than the finished product. Watch this space!

Painting with vehicles


5 thoughts on “Painting With Vehicles”

  1. We haven’t done this for ages thank you for the inspiration. Might even give it a go this afternoon now the rain looks set to stay! I love the finished result 🙂 #MiniCreations

  2. Lucas says – Well, I reckon you’ve guessed that I LOVE this!! It combines a couple of my favourite things……… messy play and BIG trucks!! Awesome idea and it looks like you had mega cool fun! Thanks for linkingto #minicreations

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