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We all know that having a great relationship with their extended families has huge benefits for children, especially grandparents, who they can learn so much from. However, did you know that this relationship can also have fantastic benefits for the grandparents? Spending time having fun with their grandchild and trying out new activities can help older members of your family live longer, stay healthier, and generally be happier. So, if your parents want to spend time looking after their grandkids, here are some ideas of things they could do together.


Kids of all ages love getting stuck in with some painting, but parents often worry about the mess. Grandparents tend to have no such concerns. They get to send the messy kids home after all. They could spend time doing hand prints, making cards, or painting pictures to stick on granny’s fridge. Pinterest is an exceptionally good source of craft ideas if you need some inspiration.

A Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be incredibly good fun, a lovely way to spend time together, and an excellent way to learn more about wildlife and nature. If there’s a park nearby, send the kids and grandparents off on a hunt for specific things. If there’s enough of them, divide them up into teams and make a competition out of it.


Kids love having a good dance, and so do grandparents. Many people stop dancing as they get older especially if they have lost their partner. Dancing could help to remind the grandparents of their younger years and teach the kids a new skill. Many senior community dwellings run regular dance classes, so suggest your parents invite the grandkids along to take part and liven things up a bit!


Who doesn’t love baking with nanny or grandad? The only thing more fun is eating the results. Check out some simple recipes online or make some old family favourites. Just be sure to write down the recipe to pass on to future generations.

Go to the Library

Going to the library together gives the grandparents a wonderful chance to tell their own stories. Sitting down together surrounded by books creates a fantastic storytelling atmosphere and gets everyone in the mood to share and listen. The children can also show their grandparents their favourite books and stories.

Play Some Video Games

The kids will love teaching their grandparents something new. They always love to be better than the adults at something so will have a lovely time playing video games and showing off. Get some snacks and drinks to make this the perfect gaming afternoon. They could even have a tournament or two.

Play Board Games

When the kids are ready to come away from screens, they could finish with a good old-fashioned board game. Some old favourites have withstood the test of time, but newer games are also worth trying.

The study of gerontology has proven that creative engagement can dramatically improve the lives of older members of our families. Many seek this engagement in assisted living facilities, which can be hugely beneficial. But, wherever your parents live, letting them spend time with children can be a wonderful way to help them while having a bit of a break too. If you are interested in learning more, apply for an online masters in gerontology today.

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