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Like most kids, the boys love dinosaurs. Ever since they were old enough to watch TV, they have loved watching Jurassic Park or Walking With Dinosaurs but strangely enough have never had any dinosaur toys.

Well, that was until we were sent these beautiful ones from Schleich!

We quite recently reviewed the Pony Agility set from the brand, I was highly impressed with the quality of the toys, and I was not disappointed with these.

They are perfect for 5-12 age range and the range has some exciting new additions, such as the spiny-backed Animantarx and the winged Dimorphodon. They range in price from £7.99 to £19.99 and can be bought online at Amazon, at Smyths or any good toy stores.

The Animantarx

The scaly one. It is around 14cm long from nose to tail and has an RRP of £7.99.

Fun fact: The scales along it’s back are called scutes. It would have measured around 10ft in length.

The Dimorphodon

The freaky one. This is the smallest and lightest of the bunch that we were sent and has an RRP of £7.99, making it a superb pocket money toy.

Fun fact: It would have measured around 3ft long with a 4.5ft wingspan. Its skull was comparatively large to the rest of its body and contained two different kinds of teeth.

The Dimetrodon

The not-quite-a-dinosaur one. This slightly scary looking one has an RRP of £9.99 and measures around 16cm in length.

Fun fact: This one isn’t quite a dinosaur, having lived a few years before the dinosaur period (a mere 40 million years before). It’s also related more to modern mammals, despite looking like a reptile.

The Gigantosaurus

The big one. This one is incredibly heavy, so not one you want a child to throw at you! It’s around 25cm long from nose to tail and has an RRP of £19.99. It has an opening and closing jaw.

Fun fact: The gigantosaurus is thought to be even bigger than the mighty T-Rex, standing at an incredible 40ft tall.

The Spinosaurus

The even bigger one. This dude is 30cm long from nose to tail with an opening and closing jaw. It has an RRP of £19.99

Fun fact: If the gigantosaurus was the big daddy of the dino world, this was the granddaddy! It is thought to have measured around 50ft in length and like a crocodile, lived on both land and in water.

We were massively impressed with the quality of these toys. The detail and paintwork on them are amazing, right down to their teeth and even the roof of their mouths. They’re the sort of toy that you know will be passed on and played with for many years to come.

*We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and words are our own and have not been influenced in any way. Contains affilate links to Amazon.

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