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When we knew we were moving to Wales, to a house that was just five minutes walk from the beach, I envisaged going to the beach after school for a play as often as we could. Because of the weather recently, that hasn’t happened, but on Friday, the rain finally stopped and we went straight to the beach. It was lovely!


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19 thoughts on “After School | My Sunday Photo”

  1. How lovely would it be to live by the beach, it must be great in the summer time!

  2. That’s a brilliant photo Rachel. How perfect for your children and you to be that close to the beach. It will be so special and I’m sure will provide so many happy memories as your children grow.

  3. i keep trying to leave a comment but it keeps chucking me out:) i was just saying how lovely to live by the beach. We used to years ago and it was lovely to have a walk to calm down after work each night. nice shot.

  4. Were only 20 mins away from the beach, but I don’t go there enough. How lovely to have it on your doorstep and make the most of it too. Great picture

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