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I was determined that I would take the boys to something to commemorate Remembrance Sunday this year, particularly with it being such a special year. There were lots of things going on in the area, but when I found out that Colwyn Bay beach was one of the designated ‘Pages of the Sea’ beaches, I knew that was where we would be go ing.

If you haven’t heard of the Pages of the Sea, it was a thing that filmmaker Danny Boyle came up with. Beaches across the UK were chosen and raked in the sand were beautiful portraits of people who lost their lives in the first world war. Members of the public had the chance to rake soldiers in the sand, which, when the tide came in, would be washed away, as a way of saying ‘goodbye’.

The boys got involved in raking some of the soldiers and knew exactly what it was all for.  It was a very beautiful and moving way to remember those who lost their lives fighting for our country all those years ago.



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  1. I saw the creations on the news and thought they were fantastic. It’s lovely that everyone got involved in this project (well those that knew about it anyway) #MySundayPhoto

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