Gwrych Castle | My Sunday Photo

We can see this magnificent castle from our back garden, high up in the hills of Abergele. As you can see, at the moment it is in a bit of a state of disrepair, but it was recently bought out and is being restored. We went to the grounds the other day for a storytelling event and found out some really fascinating facts about the castle.

  • It was built between 1819 and 1825
  • During World War II, the Government used the castle to house 200 Jewish refugees
  • It was used in 1996 as the backdrop for Prince Valiant, a film starring Edward Fox, Joanna Lumley, and Katherine Heigl.

Gwrych Castle

Gwrych Castle

2 thoughts on “Gwrych Castle | My Sunday Photo”

  1. We’ve passed this castle often when driving along the North Wales coast. I’m glad it is getting restored, it’s such a shame when old buildings are left to deteriorate.

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