Meal Planning Monday 12/11/18

This week is a fairly normal and quiet one, I think. I say quiet – I spend most evenings ferrying children backward and forwards to various clubs. Harrison has martial arts twice a week, Alex is starting a multi-sports club this week and they have their usual youth club at the church. This is where batch cooking and my slow cooker really become useful – food is ready for when we get in, and if someone needs to later because they are at a club, it can stay in there keeping warm. We never got around to making hot chocolate in the slow cooker over the weekend, but I have promised the boys I will do it one night this week so watch this space for the recipe.

Meal Plan

Sausage casserole, mashed potatoes, and vegetables

Tagliatelle carbonara and garlic bread

Sweet and sour pork with egg noodles

Beef and ale pie with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Chicken, bacon and leek pasta bake

Crispy chicken wraps with sweet potato fries

Gammon roast dinner

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