Meal Planning Monday 4/6/23

Remember at the beginning of the year I said I was going to keep up with this every week? HAHAHAHA. I know, I know, I’m a shite blogger!

To be fair, I was drowning. My main job, as a content writer, had taken over my life. All I was doing was writing for other people, all the while neglecting my own blogs – which ironically got me on this career path to begin with. It also took me away from my family far too much – I was either working or stressing about working. The stupid thing is I started to do this so I could spend more time at home with the kids.

So, when a few weeks ago, I got an email to say that my job was coming to an end (thanks, AI), I tried to look at the positives. It would give me more time to spend with the kids, and I would be able to develop some new skills, and maybe dabble in something new. I’m still doing freelancing bits and pieces but instead of working stupid hours, it’s only been a couple of hours a day and it has been AMAZING. I will write about it very soon because it’s been quite exciting, actually. It also means I am happier and less stressed.

One of the good things is that because I am now the one at home not working full time (and some!), I am cooking more, and I am really enjoying that as well, and I think this will show in meal planning posts – which I will (hopefully!) be able to do much more regularly now!

Meal Plan

Grilled chicken kebab on homemade yogurt flatbread with salad

Sausage and potato hash

Jerk chicken with rice

Creamy garlic salmon pasta

Mushroom chow mein

Fish, chips, and peas

Takeaway (for Harrison’s birthday)

One thought on “Meal Planning Monday 4/6/23”

  1. Ahh! I am glad things have slowed down for you. Yes it was the end of a job but it sounds like you are spending more time with your family which of course is a good thing.
    Fab meal plan! The chicken kebab sounds so good and happy birthday to Harrison. x

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