JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Ceramic Iron | Review

My mum thought it was hilarious when I told her we were reviewing the JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Ceramic Iron because I don’t iron.

I’m not even joking. I haven’t touched our old iron since we moved to Wales, 17 months ago. I can’t remember when I used it before then either. I remember when Harrison was a tiny baby and I was on maternity leave. I’d iron absolutely everything – bibs, sleepsuits, vests, even muslin cloths. I laugh at that distant memory now. If something needs ironing these days, I hang it in the bathroom whilst someone is showering, or hint to Graham, who will grudgingly iron if absolutely necessary.

It’s not that I don’t like ironing. In fact, I used to find it quite therapeutic when I had the time to set up an ironing board and faff about. But now, it’s just a bit of a ballache. I’ve got to set the ironing board up (which actually collapsed and broke a few weeks ago – so now it’s the table or the floor!), fill the iron up, and then hope the kids leave me alone whilst I do it. Our iron was one my mum gave me when we moved into our first flat together 7 years ago – my mum had it for years before then so it wasn’t the greatest at getting creases out either.

I was interested to see whether the JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Ceramic Iron would change my mind. I am always on the lookout for things that are going to make my life easier – and it really did sound like this iron would be much easier to use.

JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Ceramic Iron

Features of the JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Ceramic Iron

Cordless design

Steam bursts

Heats up fast – ready to use from cold in less than 30 seconds

Fast re-heat -takes just 6 seconds to reheat in between ironing sessions

Vertical ironing – freshen up clothes on the hanger

What did we think?

The iron is quite heavy to use, especially when the water tank is full. I struggled a little bit with this as I have next to no strength in my wrists, If you’re looking for something lightweight, this isn’t the iron for you. Because of this, I can’t use the vertical freshening up feature, although Graham did use it on a suit jacket and was pretty impressed with it. Once you are using it (horizontally), it is really smooth and just glides along, which makes it easy to use.

I also really liked the fact it could be used both cordlessly or attached to the dock like a traditional corded iron. It is quicker to use if you use it corded – but I think I can deal with the 6 seconds reheat time when cordless! I find it much safer as well – I’m not as worried about the kids tripping over a wire, and it also means I can use it wherever I want, rather than being close to our rather awkwardly placed sockets.

The steam bursts gave a really intense burst of steam to help remove really stubborn creases (I tried it on a linen skirt that I never wear because I can’t get the creases out!) and the pointed tip means you can get into all those little tricky spots in between buttons.

Whilst the JML Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Cordless Ceramic Iron hasn’t exactly made me enjoy ironing, it’s made it easier when I have to do it. I do wish it was a little bit lighter, but that aside, it’s a great iron and pretty good value for £49.99!

*We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and thoughts are our own.

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