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What a week! It’s been the first week of the Easter holidays for us, and Graham ad booked a few days off work. We knew the weather was going to be nice over the weekend and we wanted to make the most of it and go out, and then spend the evenings decorating our lounge. It was lovely going to the beach and being able to sit there for a good few hours whilst the kids played in the sunshine – we even cracked the shorts and sun cream out.We had a bit of a scare when our kitten, Ellie, climbed through an open window in the night and didn’t come back for two days. She’s had plenty of cuddles and fuss since she came home from her adventures.

This week’s Little Loves…


On Tuesday evening we went to the beach for a BBQ.  It’s something we’ve always wanted to do, so off we trotted with our disposable ones and some burgers and buns. It ended up being a little bit of a disaster! The kids managed to kick sand all over the food, ketchup ended up everywhere…and well, it’s not something we will attempt any time soon. However, we had so much fun afterwards when we toasted marshmallows and had a go at making s’mores. We all got in big, sticky, gooey messes but it was delicious! That’s something we will be doing again, that’s for sure!


Other than the odd blog post, I don’t think I’ve actually done much in the way of reading this week. We’ve been too busy decorating and going out! I’ve given up on Game of Thrones for the time being – it’s a bit heavy going and needs more concentration than I can give at the moment.


The sound of Ellie meowing outside my window. I was devastated when she didn’t come home. I really thought we had lost her. As much as I love Daisy, our other cat, Ellie is my little princess. She’s really sociable (which is where she differs from Daisy), and is always on my lap or cuddled up next to me. When she wasn’t here, the house was so quiet. We are so used to her bombing around the house, purring down our ear at night and the funny little noises she makes when she wants something. I left our bedroom window open so that if she came home in the night, we would hear her. When I heard her meow at 2 am in the morning, I dived out of bed faster than I ever have before. It was the best sound in the world!


I’ve been watching The Halycon this week. I know it was on ages ago, and I had it recorded but never got round to watching it. This week I’ve been binging on it in the evenings and I really like it. Anything to do with the war is my thing anyway, so throw in a bit of glamour and drama and it’s the perfect series for me. I can’t wait for the next series!


I actually got my legs out and wore a pair of 3/4 lengths on the weekend. I won’t subject you to a photo of my milk bottle legs, but it was lovely to feel the sun on them, even if it was just for a couple of days. I also had the lippy that I ordered using some Swagbucks points come through this week. It was an MUA one from Superdrug, and it’s a brand I normally love. I was really disappointed with it though. I love a nude and matte lipstick, but this one just looks really chalky on my lips.

And lastly…

We’ve decorated our lounge! It’s almost done, just needs another coat of gloss on the skirting board, new curtain poles (or for me to spray paint the old ones!) and a new lampshade and it’s done. It’s gone from being a very dark and dingy room, with dark wood everywhere to a really bright and clean looking room. We painted the walls magnolia (a little bit boring, but a good base colour), the woodwork is now bright white and we bought plastic covers for the wooden windowsills. We’ve even bought new curtains – something we have never done and spraypainted our old gold framed mirror silver. I’m quite proud of the difference we’ve made. When it’s totally finished and we’ve got a few nautical themed accessories in place, I might do a room tour!

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6 thoughts on “Decorating, Marshmallows & The Halycon | Little Loves”

  1. My cat is always going for wanders.. Now the weather is warmer she spends most of her time outside! We have also gone from dark wood in the lounge to light, bright and airy! Looks and feels so much better! Have a wonderful weekend.. Popping over from #Littlelove

  2. Aww glad your little kitten came back. Smores on the beach sounds fantastic, I can just imagine the gooey mess you were all in too. Your lounge sounds lovely, I really need to get cracking on finishing mine off. Have a great weekend!

  3. So relieved your kitten came home, that must have been so worrying when she went missing.
    Exciting about your lounge! I’m still amazed when a few changes create a whole new space. xx

  4. Thanks for the barbecue story its reassuring to know that life is not picture perfect, we often have picnics on the beach and I spend my time sounding like a naggy mum, telling the children not to eat with sandy hands, not to put the food down etc.. it sort of ruins the moment but sand gets everywhere, toasting marshmallows seems a much better idea! Hope you enjoying your kitten cuddles.

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