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Hello! It’s the first Little Loves post of 2018. The fact we are at the end of our first working week of the year is insane. This year is going to fly by, isn’t it? We haven’t had the most amazing start to the year with us breaking down the day after Boxing Day and the car still being out of action over a week later. We have a mechanic coming on Saturday so fingers crossed it will be back working then. I’m trying to stay pretty positive about it though, which is surprising for me – I’m usually a right negative nancy!

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We’ve pretty much been confined to the house this past week, thanks to the weather and our car being off the road, so I’ve more than taken advantage of the opportunity to wear pyjamas as often as I can! When I have put on actual clothes, it’s been leggings and cosy jumpers – proper comfort clothes. I’m also living in my new slipper socks that my brother and sister-in-law bought me for Christmas – they’re so cute and snuggly!


We’ve watched a lot of TV of late! We’ve recently signed up for Amazon Prime so we’ve been checking out the films on there. Graham and I sat and watched Poisedon on New Year’s Eve – it was pretty cheesy and predictable but not bad. The kids and I have also been watching all of the Harry Potter films. I’m a bit of a recent convert to the series,  swearing for years that I would hate them. I watched them just before we moved to Wales and I loved them. The kids are huge fans as well. In terms of TV, I’m also watching Scandal at the moment on Sky Box Sets. I’ve just started season 2 and I’m addicted!


As many of us do at this time of year, I made a list of some goals that I want to achieve this year, which you can read about by clicking here. Apart from that, I haven’t really made anything. The boys had lots of fun painting and putting together their wooden Melissa and Doug toy cars that my parents bought them for Christmas.


I don’t think I’ve had the radio on at all this week – we’ve pretty much zombied in front of the TV. We did take a walk down to the beach on Tuesday when the weather was a bit insane. The sound of the sea was incredible – I’ve never heard it so noisy!


One of my 2018 goals is to read more. I’ve set myself a target of 50 books by December 31st. Amazon gave me three months of Kindle Unlimited for free, so that’s going to give me a kickstart. I’ve already read one book from cover to cover (can you say that when you read it on a device?). It was ‘Tressa: The 12 Year Old Mum’. It’s a true story about a girl in Scotland who gave birth when she was 12 after she was raped by her older brother. It was absolutely heartbreaking what that poor girl went through – I couldn’t put it down. I’ve also downloaded the first Harry Potter book to start on this weekend!

And Lastly

I’ve been really busy playing about with my new DSLR that I won before Christmas and my photography lighting and backdrop kit that my parents bought me for Christmas. I’m still waiting for the creases to drop out of the backdrops before I can use them properly but I love the fact that my lighting means I can take decent photos even when the lighting is terrible. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a huge progression in the quality of my photos over the coming weeks and months!

Little Loves New Year, New Goals and New Socks


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8 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals and New Socks| Little Loves”

  1. 50 books thats some challenge ! Im going for 2 a month –
    Harry potter is one of those series ive never read or watched – maybe that should be my goal

  2. I love your goal of reading 50 books in a year. My aim was to read 2 books over Christmas and I even failed at that. Hope you get your car back soon but hurrah for snuggly days at home #littleloves x

  3. Oh those cars look awesome. Sounds like you have had a great festive period. Love a new camera and a new start to a new year. Happy New Year. #littleloves

  4. 50 books is a great challenge. Before Monkey I read about 2-3 a week now I’m lucky to that in a year! I’m determined to read more this year

  5. 50 books in a year will be such a fantastic achievement. One book a month would be an achievement for me to be honest! Hope you have a great week and and thanks for joining in with LittleLoves! x

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