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It’s been a while since I’ve joined in with this – with illness and the house move, there wasn’t much for me to write about. This week however…

On Friday, I travelled to Birmingham to meet my mom, and we then drove down to Center Parcs Elveden, where we were going to celebrate my very soon-to-be sister-in-law’s hen do. We weren’t technically supposed to be celebrating a hen do there but it was a, erm….30th birthday and engagement celebration (well, she is 30 in December and she is engaged so we weren’t telling any untruths!). It was a lovely chilled out and quiet weekend, with the bride, her mom, me and my mom, my other sister-in-law and a friend. We all know each other like family, so it was really relaxed. We spent the days eating, drinking lots of prosecco and cocktails, swimming, going on a boat, bowling, watching films and having a spa day. It’s the first time I’ve been on a girly weekend away – it won’t be the last I hope!


I actually bought two magazines whilst we were at Center Parcs to read in the spa. I think one was Closer and the other was Grazia, but to be honest, I didn’t really look at them properly. I had a quick flick through and they were full of shite. I have also been reading a book, which I stupidly forgot to take with me. It’s an old one of mine, but one of my favourites. It’s called ‘The Take’ by Martina Cole. I’m pretty sure a few years ago it was made into a short series on the TV – I really want to watch it again.


We had a movie night whilst we were there – it was so nice to put on our PJ’s after coming home from bowling and dinner and put a film on, even if I did have to go to bed before it finished! We watched Bridesmaids – a natural choice for a hen do! It’s absolutely brilliant.


Whilst we were at Center Parcs, we had dinner at Bella Italia. Outside, in the little atrium thing, there was a singer/guitarist who was incredible. It was even more magical when he sang ‘Hey There Delila’ which just happens to be the hen and my brother’s song. It’s not one you hear very often so it was quite a strange, and lovely coincidence.


Gins and tonics and Prosecco cocktails – does that count?? We drank rather a lot over the weekend. We also ate rather a lot (hello huge bowl of pasta at Bella Italia) so no one was drunk!


It was a lovely excuse to wear nice clothing. I treated myself to some new black ankle grazer jeans for the daytime, but on Friday night we all got glammed up into maxi dresses. Sunday was mostly spent in swimsuits and or spa robes, but my favourite things were these lovely peacock kimonos we all had!

And Lastly…

It’s Easter! Our school broke up last Friday. Because I was away over the weekend and didn’t get home until Monday lunchtime, it didn’t feel like we started ours until Tuesday. We headed to Llandudno in the rain to the ice cream parlour for luminous blue ice creams (the kids, not me!) and milkshakes, before going to the marina to look at the boats. Tomorrow, my parents are hopefully coming to stay, so, weather permitting, it should be another nice weekend.

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  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend at Center Parcs, I love Elveden and the spa there is heavenly. That bright blue ice cream looks amazing, my kids would be all over that like a rash! Hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays #littleloves

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