Little Loves | May 2018

It has been an insane few weeks. Insane! It’s been a whirlwind of a month, in the best possible way. There have been bank holidays, lots of lovely weather and my little brother got married! This Little Loves is entirely dedicated to the wedding – prepare yourselves!

Yes, a couple of weeks ago I was a bridesmaid for probably the last time in my life at Simon and Charlotte, from Whisky and Milkshake’s wedding. They live in Suffolk, which is around 300 miles from us. There was no way that I was doing a 5 – 6-hour drive in one day, so we drove down to Birmingham on Thursday to stay at my nan’s, before driving the rest of the way down to Bury St Edmunds the next morning. We had a lovely day having our nails done, setting the stunning venue and doing a rehearsal before going out for dinner and then having an early night in the gorgeous hotel.

The day was absolutely spectacular. We had a lovely calm morning getting ready with bucks fizz and champagne. Charlotte, who as well as being my now sister-in-law is one of my best friends, looked like a princess, and my little brother scrubbed up pretty well! It was a beautiful ceremony, amazing meal and the reception was an absolute blast. I got to party with my entire family, whilst wearing a gorgeous dress in amazing surroundings – what isn’t to love about that?

The next day, we headed back to the venue for breakfast as it was also Simon’s birthday. The other guests then all left and my family, and two very close friends headed to Felixstowe for a drink and some chips before heading home. It was so lovely, literally being around all my favourite people in the sunshine for a couple of hours. The comedown since has been pretty damn hard, I tell ya!


Well, it’s all about the bridesmaid dress this month! Charlotte chose us the most beautiful creamy gold shimmery dresses that were incredibly versatile. We could wear the top half in whatever way we wanted. Laura, the other bridesmaid, had a one-shoulder look whilst I opted for a sort of kimono style, which covered my shoulders. They were so pretty! The hairdresser and makeup artist also did an amazing job.


Watching Simon and Charlotte say their vows (which they had written themselves) was amazing. I can’t believe that both of my little brothers are married now. One of the most magical moments that I saw was when Charlotte’s dad saw her for the first time in her dress. I think everyone in the hotel room at the time had to fight back the tears then!


The music played throughout the wedding meal and then on the evening was brilliant. They opted for some orchestral versions of some current songs for whilst we were eating and at the reception, the DJ played some right bangers. For me, the song that will always remind me of the day is Africa by Toto. who would have thought that would get everyone up dancing? Oh – and the bride and groom had Perfect by Ed Sheeran for their first dance – it’s the perfect wedding song!


Not technically making, but Laura and I (and the groomsmen got roped into helping) spent several hours the day before the wedding filling 500 shot glasses with sweets and arranging them on a pyramid. I’m not sure I ever want to see another sweet for the rest of my life, but it looked pretty spectacular!


Keeping on with the wedding theme (because I haven’t actually read anything that isn’t wedding or GPDR related this month!) – the wedding menu! The food was pretty lush – duck and figs salad for started, beef roast dinner for main and the most incredible lemon pannacotta (which is one of the best things I’ve eaten in my life!) for dessert.

And Lastly

A few pictures from our afternoon in Felixstowe – our whole family in one place at the same time!


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  1. Lovely post – its great when all the family is together – rarely happens here

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