August | Little Loves

How on earth is it the end of the summer holidays already? I swear they only broke up last week! We’ve had a really lovely few weeks – we haven’t done anything big or grand, but we’ve had lots of little days out and done lots of things. Morgana is back with the Little Loves linky and I figured it would be good to do one about the entire summer, rather than this week.

Little Loves

August’s Little Loves


Over August, I’ve been watching the first series of Victoria. I’m not sure why I missed it when it was on last year because it’s exactly the sort of thing I love watching. It didn’t disappoint, and I thought Jenna Coleman portrayed Queen Victoria really well. I’m really excited about the second series starting!

We’ve watched a fair few films over the summer as well – I bought Beauty and the day it was released and it was even better than I imagined it. Even Graham loved it, although I’m sure Emma Watson was something to do with that. We’ve finally got round to watching Moana, which we all really enjoyed.

Of course, the one thing I both loved watching and hated (because it’s one step closer to the end!) was Game of Thrones. I swear I am far too invested in a fantasy TV show – I’m completely obsessed with it. The season finale…well, well, well!

TV aside, we went and watched the Rhyl Air Show last weekend. It was a two-day event, so we went right down to the seafront on Saturday, and then watched the Red Arrows display from the pub on Sunday. It was spectacular!


We spent a couple of days on the beach over the summer – proper days where you camp out for a few hours. It feels like that it is the only time I sit and really get stuck into a book these days. I managed to read Chocolat, which I’ve read plenty of times before, but it’s one of my all time favourites.


At the moment I am absolutely loving Pretty Girl by Maggie Lindenmann, New Rules by Dua Lipa and Perfect by Ed Sheeran. I’m pretty much listening to those three tracks on repeat!


We went blackberry picking a couple of weeks ago and made a big apple and blackberry crumble with our pickings. Sadly (or not so sadly!), I’m the only person in our house that actually likes it so I’ve got plenty in the freezer to keep me going over Autumn. Apart from that, I haven’t really made much – lots of picnics is probably the only other thing!


Wellll….I realised that I had very few items of clothing for Autumn or Winter, so last week I headed into town to try and find an outfit. I just wanted something I could wear every day. I normally hate clothes shopping because being big, lots of things just don’t fit me or look horrendous. We went into one shop and I picked up a pair of jeans and a T-shirt in my normal size. I was over the moon to find out that not only was that size too big, but the next two sizes were also too big! I’ve managed to drop a good couple of stone now (I’m not weighing myself so I don’t know exactly) and it’s starting to show in my clothes.

And lastly

We’ve got a really busy and exciting (and bloody expensive!) few months ahead of us. As well as the beginning of the new school year, and Alex starting full-time school we have lots of birthdays (My sister in law, Graham, my brother, me and Alex all have October birthdays, and then Benjamin in November!), my brother’s wedding and then finally, Christmas. After Christmas, we are on the rapid countdown to my other brother’s wedding in May, with a hen weekend at Centre Parc to look forward to in March. So, with all that going on, there may be some little quiet spots on my blog, but I’ll be on social media as usual.

5 thoughts on “August | Little Loves”

  1. A lovely month for you
    I missed the first few episodes of Victoria as I thought it would be boring!
    Soon caught up- surprisingly good!!

  2. Hasn’t GoT been amazing? I’m so annoyed about waiting so long for the next season though. I’m also loving the Dua Lipa song at the minute, although it does get stuck in my head for unacceptably long periods of time. Yay for clothing becoming too big! It’s the best feeling when that happens. You look great too 🙂 Have a fab weekend x

  3. Love those songs. I adore Ed Sheeran’s Perfect. Such a beautiful song. Congratulations on the weight loss! You look great. Hope you have a wonderful week. Popping over from #littleloves

  4. GoT this time around has been absolutely incredible hasn’t it? Non stop action and plot development. Boo to having to wait over a year for the next lot.
    I must catch up with Victoria, like you I think I missed the end of the first series. Don’t know why. Maybe there was something else on at the same time or something.
    Hope this week is going well for you xx

  5. I have never watched Game Of Thrones! But loved Victoria, well done on losing the weight I need to get back to the gym after a lazy summer but you are right it has flown! Have a lovely week and hoorah for routine as much as I love the holidays it feels great to be getting organised x

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