Bigjigs Play Patrol: Safari Building Blocks | Review

Last week we were really excited to share our news about being part of the 2017 Bigjigs Play Patrol Team, and share our thoughts on the Magnetic Weather Board. We were also sent some building blocks for Benjamin, which I think are worthy of a post all to themselves.

We love building blocks because they can be used in all sorts of ways and are perfect for creative and role play, improving dexterity and can even be used in maths games. They’ve always been a toy the kids have loved, but these safari animal building blocks from Bigjigs are just a little bit different and more fun.

There are 32 wooden blocks of varying sizes and shapes: long tall ones, cubes, bridge shaped ones, even circular ones, and each one is brightly coloured and fun.

There are six animal characters, as well as trees and bushes and flowers. The animals are split over several blocks – there are blocks for the heads and their bodies, and the giraffe even has his own neck block! Benjamin has had great fun trying to match the different animal prints up to try and create animals, and has made some rather interesting ones! It’s not just Benjamin who has enjoyed them though; Harrison and Alex have loved playing with them as well! They’ve been building towers for Benjamin to smash down. I’m sure destroying them is half the fun for him! I especially love the fact they come in a little drawstring bag to keep them tidy and together, preventing the problem of finding a way of storing them.

Benjamin loves toy cars and trains and he’s loved building tunnels for them to go under. That’s what I love about building blocks – there are so many different ways to use them!

These safari animal building blocks are available on the Bigjigs website for £13.49 – brilliant value in my opinion for a high-quality toy!

*We were sent these free of charge as part of our Bigjigs Play Patrol role. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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