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If Harrison, Alex and Ben are in a room together, they’re at each other’s throats, bickering and arguing. Separate them so they can’t kill each other, and they miss each other. I can’t win sometimes!

Well, I kinda can now. The solution? Walkie Talkies!

I mean, everyone loves playing with walkie talkies, right? You can be in different rooms but still be able to talk to one another.

We have been busy testing out the VTech KidiGear Walkie Talkies, and as with all things we have had from VTech, we are impressed.

They are kid-friendly, two-way walkie talkies with a digital connection. There is no worry about strangers listening in to conversations or being able to talk to your children, which of course, is always a worry with these sorts of toys. They also allow you to send messages back and forth and play some two-player games, as well as use a range of fun voice effects.

The boys have loved them. We have a park right outside our house, and while thanks to storms and viruses and all the other things that have been going on in recent weeks they haven’t been able to go out there when they finally can, I know they are going to have so much fun, playing hide and seek and cops, their two favourite games! They have a 650-foot range, which is more than enough for a pretty decent game out there.

They do require 3 x AAA batteries per device, but the ones that were in are still going strong, despite many hours of playing with them.

The VTech KidiGear Walkie Talkies are available from Amazon and the VTech website for around £34.99

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