VQ Retro Mini Radio | Review

I love having music on in the background quietly whilst I’m working, and now the bigger two are at school all day, I get the chance to listen to it in peace whilst Ben is off playing or napping. Since my old stereo gave up the ghost last Christmas, I’ve had to listen to the radio or Spotify through my iPhone or laptop, which isn’t particularly good quality. I was on the lookout for something small and compact to listen to music on when I was sent out this gorgeous little-limited edition  VQ retro mini radio.

My VQ Retro Mini Radio

The VQ retro mini radio is a DAB radio and Bluetooth speaker, meaning it does exactly what I need it to do. It was really simple to scan through the stations, find the ones I wanted and save them. I can find my favourites (Capital and Heart FM, none of that Radio 1 rubbish here!) by pressing one button. To listen to Spotify/Apple music/Youtube, I simply connect my iPhone to the Bluetooth and away it goes.

My VQ Retro Mini Radio

It doesn’t go particularly loud, so I do need to have my iPhone turned up to the full volume as well, but for normal day-to-day listening, it’s absolutely spot on. It can be plugged into the main with the included adaptor or it can be powered with batteries. I’ve not put batteries in yet so I can’t comment on the battery life, but I can imagine that next summer, we will be using it in the garden or for picnics and beach days with batteries. The sound that comes out of it is really high quality. It’s also got an alarm clock feature, which is handy.

Of course, what I love most of all about the radio is the look of it. It’s not just a radio – it’s a piece of decor. We have the limited edition Welsh one, which we obviously adore, but it comes in a massive range of designs. It has a leatherette finish and a carry handle.

I really do love the VQ retro mini radio -it’s cute, the sound quality is excellent and for £79.99, I think it’s pretty damn good value for money!

*I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.


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