Vet Squad To The Rescue Review

*AD – The Vet Squad products were gifted products

The boys love animals, especially Benjamin. They have grown up with dogs, cats, and now giant African land snails! All of them have mentioned wanting to be a vet when they are older at one time or another, and I think Ben may well be the one to follow that dream through. The Vet Squad range is perfect for him to act out that dream in a small-world type scenario.

vet squad

Who are the Vet Squad?

The Vet Squad is a group of four friends – Ava, Emily, Yara, and Robin – who are always ready to rescue their cute pet friends. They use their skills, knowledge, and fabulous vet technology to care for the animals in their care.

As well as the superbly detailed range of collectible toys and figures, there is a YouTube channel which children can tune into and see their play come to life. The videos are not animated – they are real-life small world play using the toys that the children have, to inspire further play.

The Rescue Vehicle Playsets

Like all kids, the boys love vehicles, so the fact that rescue vehicle playsets for the Vet Squad are available was great news.

We were sent Robin’s Air Adventure, which has Robin, a helicopter and a pony; Emily’s Reef Rescue, which has Emily, a speedboat, and a turtle and Ava’s Forest Rescue, which includes Ava, a quad bike, and a baby elephant.

The sets have incredible attention to detail, down to little touches such as headset for the helicopter and little cuts and grazes on the animal which disappears when bathed with warm water. It really brings their play to life

Vet Squad Figures

There are four of these to collect. There are Emily and Brooke the dog, Yara and Luna the rabbit, Robin and Snowy the owl, and Ava and Leo the cat. Each of the characters comes with a backpack and their own bit of vet tech.

As well as that, there are animal assortment packs, which are available in packs of two or five and are a great way to grow your Vet Squad collection. There are ten different animals to collect, complete with their own buckets to help to tend to their injuries!

Partnership with the Sea Life Trust

As someone who lives by the sea, this makes me really happy. Vet Squad has partnered with the Sea Life Trust who works tirelessly to educate people, rescue, and protect the incredible creatures in our oceans. This means that from each Vet Squad pack sold goes towards supporting two Sea Life Sanctuaries: the Beluga whale sanctuary, based in Iceland, and the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. It is great knowing that while your kids are having fun and learning about rescuing animals, you are also doing something positive for the real-life sea animals.

The kids really enjoyed playing with the Vet Squad toys, and since they arrived in the house they have been played with none-stop. The scope for imaginative play and discussion around animals and vet care is amazing!

Prices start at £3.99 for the two-pack of animals to £16.99 for the vehicle playsets, which, considering how robust and how much play value they have is pretty good going. They are available to purchase from Smyths and Argos.

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