Sunshine, Hen Do’s and Three Girls

Hola!! How bloody amazing has the weather been this week? I have a cracking sun tan – probably the best one that I’ve had for years, thanks to walking and pushing the pram. It makes everything seem so much better when the sun is shining and it’s warm. We’ve even managed to eat dinner outside a few times. Sadly, we haven’t had chance to get down to the beach this week to enjoy the sunshine because we have had so much to do! Hopefully, the good weather will continue next week into half-term.

This week’s Little Loves


Cardboard sunglasses, fake tattoos and bridesmaid sashes were the order of the day last Saturday. It was Kim from Life of an Auntie’s (and my future sister in law!) hen-do. It was all top secret until the day but obviously, I can talk all about it now. It is deserving of a post of its own, but basically, we went for a makeover and photo shoot, followed by a meal and cocktail making at a bar in Birmingham city centre. Lots of prosecco was consumed (apart from by the bride – being almost 8 months pregnant and all that!), lots of cocktails, some more prosecco, a shot or two…yep. It was a good afternoon and evening!


I’ve watched a lot of news this week, all about the tragic events of Monday night in Manchester. I wasn’t going to write about it here – this is supposed to be about the things I’ve loved, and I certainly didn’t love that. However, as always happens following something as horrific as this, the goodness of normal human beings come to light. Taxi drivers taking people home for free, hotels putting people up, people opening their doors to anyone in need. There have been so many little stories of amazing deeds that actually, it is more than worthy of being mentioned in Little Loves. My thoughts do go out to everyone involved in the event though – it was just heartbreaking.

I’ve also been watching Three Girls, which everyone has been talking about. Whilst the true life events it was based on was absolutely horrendous, I thought it was brilliantly acted and portrayed really sensitively.


This seems to be the category I struggle most with at the moment. To be honest, other than reading my usual favourite blogs, research for some freelance work and kids books, I haven’t read anything. One day I’ll find time to pick up a book for pleasure!


I’ve created a Spotify playlist for when I go out running. Some of it is pure cheese, but there are a few bangers in there which I know will get me motivated! I had on Sandstorm by Darude the other night – the difference it made was incredible!


Cocktails! As part of Kim’s hen do we took part in a cocktail masterclass. The bartender showed us what to do, and then in groups of three we went and made them. The first one we did was a Sex on the Beach, which was really simple (and judging by the fact I drank 2 of them, pretty good tasting as well!) and the second one was a Pornstar Martini – much harder to make, but my god – they were gorgeous!

And lastly…

It’s bank holiday weekend and half term! I’m really looking forward to next week – my parents, brother and Kim are coming up with the dogs this weekend for a couple of nights, which, even though I only saw them last weekend I am ridiculously excited about. On Tuesday, Harrison and Alex are going on a trip to an ice cream farm with their church group so Benjamin and I will go out for a little date, and then the rest of the week will hopefully be lots of beach visits, picnics, playing in the garden and chilling out – weather permitting!

Have a lovely week!


5 thoughts on “Sunshine, Hen Do’s and Three Girls

  1. There’s definitely a cheer in the air when the sun is shining – hopefully it continues into the half term. I hope you and the family have a lovely weekend ahead of you #LittleLoves

  2. Wow that hen do look and sounds like it was a good one. Always nice to have adult girlie time. Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend ahead. #littleloves

  3. To your cocktails look amazing
    It’s great to let YOUR hair down and have fun

  4. That hen do sounds fab! I bet you all had a blast. Love the cocktail making, Sex on the Beach reminds me of my college days, it was always my cocktail of choice on nights out. xx

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