Spectre, Cocktails and Martina Cole #LittleLoves

First week back at work: done.

It’s always tough to go back after a holiday but you soon get into the swing of things – it was like we’d never been off. Only another 6 weeks until the next week off!!

We’ve actually had quite a nice week, going back to work aside. I was at a blog event on Saturday, we picked up our new little lady on Monday, and Graham and I went out for our first meal child-free in over a year on Wednesday. Granted it was for a blog review, but it was still really nice. Watch out for that review soon!

Onto this week’s Little Loves…


I’ve been making my way through that huge bag of books that I was given last week . In there was a book by my favourite author, Martina Cole, that I hadn’t yet read. I started reading it Friday morning and had finished it by Saturday morning – just how I used to read in the days before children! I’ve now got quite a sizeable collection of Martina Cole novels – and I could easily pick them up and read them again!

No prizes for guessing who my favourite author is! #books #martinacole

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We decided to hire Spectre (the latest James Bond movie) on Virgin on Saturday night. I’m a massive Bond fan, especially Daniel Craig. I thought this one was ok – not the best one but not bad. I think I do need to watch it again to make my mind up properly. I was absolutely exhausted when we watched it so probably didn’t give it my full attention.


We have been listening to lots of Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift this week because it turns out the kids are both fans – my little cheeseballs. However, nothing compares to this absolute banger of a track from the 90’s that I heard in the car the other day – pure cheddar!


Cocktails! Along with lots of other bloggers, I went to a cocktail masterclass on Saturday. We had lots of fun, and we all had a go at making three different cocktails. Those fancy layered ones you get are so hard to pour!! I can’t wait to have a go at making a couple of them again at home.



I actually got a photo of something new that I wore! I was bought this dress a while back but hadn’t wore it yet – the weather hasn’t been good enough and I hadn’t had the occasion to. It was lovely and warm on Wednesday and Graham and I went out for a meal, so I decided to wear it. I wasn’t sure to start with – I thought it may be a bit too old for me, but Graham said it looked nice, and Alex said I looked beautiful. That’s good enough for me! We do have a christening and a couple of weddings to go to over the next few months, and I think this will be perfect.


And lastly…

We picked Daisy up on Monday. I’ll be writing about her soon, but she seems to have settled down well. She spent most of the first day hiding behind the sofa but soon came out of her shell. She seems to prefer being upstairs in the daytime when the kids are around and it’s noisy, but when it gets quieter, she comes out for a cuddle. Because she was an abandoned cat, we aren’t quite sure what happened to her in the past, but she really doesn’t like sudden or loud noises. She does love being fussed, and sleeps on top of the bed at night, keeping my feet warm!


4 thoughts on “Spectre, Cocktails and Martina Cole #LittleLoves”

  1. Rachel you look lovely, what a pretty dress! I was gutted to have missed the cocktails, sounded like you had a wonderful afternoon. I’ve not watched Spectre yet, will hopefully get a chance to watch it at some point. Have a great week 🙂 #LittleLoves

  2. Dress is lovely and summery. Can’t beat a good Bond movie, I love all of them. Welcome little Daisy look forward to meeting her. Have a good weekend x

  3. Lovely dress! I used to love that song, still remember all the words! Aww Daisy is a little cutie, reminds me of my cat, he was abandoned too (someone left him in a bin when we lived in Spain) and has followed us around Europe ever since bless him. Have a great week! x

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