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Living in a rented house, we do have to stick to fairly neutral colours and decor. We recently painted the lounge and dining room magnolia, which is lovely and fresh looking, but quite bland and boring. We’ve been relying on quirky accessories to give the room some personality – and quirky accessories are exactly what Red Candy does well!

We don’t like having the big main light on in the lounge, and sometimes, even the wall lights can be a bit harsh if we are watching a film or relaxing.We often put our light box on to give out some light (and leave stupid messages to one another!) so when I saw the Scrabble Lights, I knew we needed them! They’re fun and the sort of thing I absolutely love.

Red Candy

We decided to hang them over ‘my’ sofa, but unfortunately, they don’t look quite right there for some reason at the moment. We also found that some of the lights won’t sit flush against the wall, although I am sure over time they will flatten out. We have decided that once we have decorated the hallway, they will go in there and give the kids some light when they want to get up in the night, as well as being something fun to look at when you enter the house.

Red Candy

There are spaces for ten letters, so you do need to think about the message or words on there. We settled for ‘Croeso’, which is ‘welcome’ in Welsh, but with 60 reusable letter stickers, we can change it any time we want. It looks great lit up, giving off a lovely bright, but at the same time soft glow.

We also chose two coffee mugs, which you may have seen me post pictures of on Instagram.  They’re really good quality mugs and lovely to drink from.

Red Candy

What makes them even more fun is the little picture at the bottom of the mug. It’s such a silly little thing, but it just makes something as mundane as drinking a coffee a bit more interesting. You can probably tell that this mug is already very well loved!

Red Candy

I really love the range of homewares and accessories on Red Candy, and I know when we are looking for bits and pieces for the house, we will definitely be having a look there first!

*We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

2 thoughts on “Red Candy | Review”

  1. Love Red Candy -guarenteed to find something UNIQUE and quirky

  2. Love Red Candy -guarenteed to find something UNIQUE and quirky

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