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Our kids are real water babies and love being in the bath and shower. We have more tears getting them out of it than into it and I’m sure they would spend hours in there if they could. However, the one thing they don’t particularly enjoy is having their hair washed. It doesn’t matter how many no-more-tears, baby friendly shampoos we try, they still all whinge and moan. I’ve never been one for buying kids products just because they have a kids character on the front, but when I found out there was a new Radox Kids range, I knew we had to try them out.

Radox Kids Range - available in Star Wars and Frozen designs. Shampoo, handwash & body wash

The new Radox Kids range is available in both Star Wars and Frozen designs and there is shampoo, bath and body wash and liquid hand wash. It’s the gentle, expert care that you come to expect from Radox and makes bathtime that little bit more fun for the kids.

The shampoo (RRP £2.50) left the kids hair feeling lovely and soft and smelt lovely. I did notice that in the Frozen range it is a shampoo and conditioner but the Star Wars one is just shampoo, which did puzzle me a little. I do wonder if it because the Frozen one is aimed more at girls who typically have long hair? Whatever the reason, I would have liked to saw conditioner in the Star Wars range – we use conditioner on the boy’s hair because it’s so thick. The kids didn’t moan quite so much having their hair washed, knowing it was with the ‘special Star Wars shampoo’.

The bath and body wash (RRP £2.50) had the same lush apple scent that the shampoo has, and like the shampoo comes in a handy pump action bottle. I’m so glad that retailers have cottoned on to how much easier life is with pump action bottles – it is easier to control how much you use, especially if the kids are doing it themselves – and when you have a slippery toddler jumping around the bath, you’re not faffing to open a bottle and squeeze the contents out.

We always use liquid handwash and having one of their favourite Frozen characters on the front makes the Radox handwash (RRP £1.80) a little bit more fun to use. It’s antibacterial as well to get rid of all the germs that lurk on little boys hands!

Radox for Kids Range

We really liked this Radox for Kids range, and it’s definitely something we will buy again to avoid the moaning when it comes to hair washing time!

*We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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