Pink hair, Malory Towers and Doris #LittleLoves

This is a bit of a bumper one this week as I completely missed last weeks! It’s been half term here in Wales, and whilst it started off really nicely, spending the weekend in Birmingham seeing our family, the rest of it has been a bit ‘meh’. I hate it when school holidays are like this but a combination of crap weather and no car whilst Graham was at work put a bit of a stop to pretty much any plans I had. Still, today is a bit better and it’s sunny – I think we might go to the beach this evening!


I’ve done a fair bit of reading the past few weeks. I found my old copy of Malory Towers by Enid Blyton in the cupboard and really enjoyed reading it. I need to go and dig out all the other ones – they’re so cheesy and old fashioned but lovely. I’m now reading ‘Gone Girl’, which I found at my mums house (we stay in my brother’s old bedroom when we are there). I was looking forward to reading it because I love the film, but a few chapters in and I’m not loving it to be honest. I’ll keep going with it though!


I’ve actually watched quite a lot of TV on the evenings this week. I have worked my backside off lately and felt a bit burned out so I decided to have a bit of a break in the evenings. I’ve been watching Game of Thrones (one more episode left – I’m putting off watching that!), and I watched a couple of documentaries on the toughest prison’s in Russia and Australia – I love things about prisons! I also watched The Brit Awards – I LOVED Ed Sheerhan but was so disappointed by Robbie. I adore him but it just seemed a bit half-hearted. Maybe he felt like I did last week!


Lots of cheesy music. I wrote about our favourite car karaoke songs earlier this week, and the kids are now obsessed with Bohemian Rhapsody, so we have listened to that more than once. I can think of worse songs to listen to I suppose!


I actually went out in a pair of pumps this week – it’s the first time I have not worn boots this year! It felt beautiful and spring like at the beginning of the week so it was nice to be able to go out without a million layers on. I also dyed my hair this morning – it is supposed to be a soft pink but it didn’t take quite as well as I hoped. It’s left a really lovely sort rose gold sort of tint to my hair though, which I actually really like. I’m quite gutted it’s only temporary!


Not a lot this week – although at some point over the weekend we will need to make some St David’s Day crafts for the kids to take into school for their celebrations – I will possibly blog about it at some point in time for next year’s St David’s Day!

And lastly

Well, what about Storm Doris eh? With a little old lady name like that, I wasn’t quite expecting the 90-mile hour winds we had here! Thankfully, we didn’t suffer too much damage – I had to chase the recycling bins down the road a couple of times and our fence panel blew out but nothing too drastic. I did think we were going to lose electricity at one point, with flickering lights and the TV and internet cutting out a couple of times but thankfully it stayed on.

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How was your week?

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6 thoughts on “Pink hair, Malory Towers and Doris #LittleLoves”

  1. Good old Doris was a bit crazy wasn’t it! I thought we were going to get blown away at one point haha. I remember my little sister reading those books when she was younger – nothing like a cheesy old classic though :). Have a fab week! xx

  2. I love the hair colour. The wind was a bit extreme and I thought calling the storm Doris was hilarious.

  3. It was feeling so spring like – I can’t wait to put my Converse on – but then the storm came and it’s been like winter here since! x

  4. Oh I loved Malory Towers when I was younger. Think my copies are in my mum’s loft somewhere, would love to dig them out again. Your hair looks lovely, I keep seeing rose gold hair everywhere at the mo. I did think a sweet little old lady name was a bit odd for a storm! Have a great week.

  5. Your hair looks amazing that color. Wish I could dye mine different colors without turning out like koolaid. hahaha Sounds like you have had the week we have had Doris was crazy winds here. Never heard of malory towers will have to look it up. Hope you are having a lovely weekend #littleloves

  6. Loving your rose gold hair! I’m the same, I hate it when colour doesn’t go as you expect and the fact that it just doesn’t last. My copper ends have faded loads already.
    I really enjoyed Malory Towers when I was younger! I’ve thought about buying them for my 9 year old but worried that she’ll find them too dated x

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