A New Look, Gone Girl and Spring Sunshine #LittleLoves

Hello! Is it really this time of the week again? I actually didn’t get the chance to write anything last week – I had so much going on with some big freelance deadlines. As much as I love that part, I hate it when it takes my attention away from my 4th baby, my blog. Not a lot happened last week so you didn’t miss much.

Anyway, here is this week’s Little Loves!

A New Look, Gone Girl and Spring Sunshine #LittleLoves


I’ve been catching up on the latest series of Call the Midwife. It’s one of my favourite programs on TV, and I had been saving them all up to watch when I finished Game of Thrones. I’m not sure I have ever watched an episode and not ended up in tears at some point! I also watched a documentary about babies being born in prison, on Netflix, which was incredibly interesting. I really like anything to do with prisons and things like that.


I’ve been reading Gone Girl this week, and I was really disappointed by it. I absolutely love the film, which I watched last year, and I was looking forward to reading it. My sister in law, Charlotte from Whisky and Milkshakes thinks really highly of the book, and I know she has excellent taste in reading, so I am going to give it another go at some point. I’m not sure what it was – I just couldn’t seem to get into it. I may have tried rushing through it a little bit because I am super excited to start on the Game of Thrones book  (can you tell I am slightly obsessed?!)


I’ve been listening to some old school R n B and hip-hop on Spotify this week for a blog post that I have been writing, with classics from Ja Rule and Dr Dre. I watched the Notorious film last week, and it made me want to listen to the tracks of my teenage years!


A new blog! Well, not quite a new blog, but it feels like it. I went online on Sunday afternoon with the intention of creating a new email subscription service, and ended up designing myself a new logo, downloading a new theme for my blog and generally giving it a much more professional (well, I think so!) look. I did eventually get round to creating a new subscription and newsletter list as well – there’s a sign-up form at the bottom of the post if you want to have a look!


I finally managed to fit into a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear for a good year or so. They’re still a little bit snug on my tummy, but it’s definitely a big step in the right direction. I’ve also loved not having to wear a big coat for a few days – Thursday felt beautiful and spring-like!

And lastly…

We had Harrison and Alex’s parent’s evenings this week. I was a little bit nervous – it was the first one at their new school and I was worried that the massive move might have had a negative impact on them. My fears were totally unfounded – they’re both doing absolutely brilliantly. Both of them are ahead of their year group for their maths and reading and we’ve got some good targets to work on at home to keep them going. Best of all, both of their teachers said that they are kind, thoughtful, lovely little boys, who we should be very proud of – we certainly are!

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