Meal Planning Monday 7/10/2019

It’s Graham’s birthday! He’s at work sadly, so we aren’t really doing anything today to celebrate it and he had his birthday present (an Aston Villa shirt) a couple of weeks ago so it’s a pretty standard day for him!

We’ve got quite a busy week. Alex is going to a birthday party at the laser quest on Tuesday and I’ve got Harrison’s parents evening on Wednesday, which cuts out huge chunks of our evening. Those nights always call for something quick and easy for tea!

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Plan

Slow cooker peppered beef with broccoli and rice

Baked potato with cheese and beans

Slow cooker chicken stew with dumplings

Halloumi burgers with sweet potato fries

Chilli con carne with rice

Fish pie and peas

Roast dinner

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 7/10/2019

  1. Sounds another lovely meal plan. It’s chilli con carne in our house tonight. It’s so wet and cold outside and we all need some comfort food.

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